The former EastEnders actor said she was left "deeply moved" by the Grease star's death as she is now "starting my own battle" with cancer.
The fashion icon died of liver cancer on Friday, Miyake Design Office has confirmed.
"What do you feel, what do you say when the nice, kindest and most loving woman leaves us to travel somewhere else."
Brad's Bullet Train co-star Aaron Taylor-Johnson spilled the beans on the reported list, and has a similar one himself.
It will be the first new music from Britney since the release of her ninth album Glory in 2016.
The 53-year-old was taken to hospital following the incident on Friday morning.
The actor said the illness left him unable to see or hear for an extended period of time.
The director has a good reason for almost scrubbing the epic fantasy franchise from his memory.
The pair played Danny and Sandy in the much-loved musical, and remained friends in the decades that followed.