"Pretty cool that we aren't allowed to broadcast things the prime minister has said because they're too racist," Nish Kumar tweeted.
Adele posted a rare photo of herself after England's defeat against Italy.
The Brit Award winner will play the grand piano on the soundtrack to Attenborough's latest BBC show.
The British rapper branded Boris Johnson a "real racist" during a rendition of his song Black.
The rapper branded Boris Johnson "a real racist" during his rendition of single Black.
The Funky Friday rapper hit out at the prime minister during a performance at this year's Brit Awards.
To see two Black men like Stormzy and Dave walk away with the biggest awards of the night was something truly monumental, freelance journalist Nikki Onafuye writes.
Dave, Mabel, Harry Styles and Rod Stewart were among those who helped celebrate 40 years of the Brits.
However, rapper Dave walked away with the biggest prize of the night.
The rapper also hit out the media's treatment of Meghan Markle and called for "support for the Windrush generation" during his performance.
Unlikely duets, shocking stunts and of course, plenty of amazing UK talent.
Of all of the 2020 awards contenders, Mabel is the only woman to receive more than one nomination.
White privilege is being absolved of responsibility for reciting violent lyrics – where black people are not, reporter Nadine White writes
I used to see Brand as a sensational and gratuitous comedian, and maybe he was. Now I observe a highly intelligent communicator who knows how to engage the general population with ideas previously limited to the walls of university libraries and laboratories.
This year marks the 20th anniversary of Dave's Leicester Comedy Festival - and, to celebrate, it's hosting an exclusive exhibition
Yes, yes Red Dwarf X is coming to Dave in October and yes, Dave is running each previous series in a countdown-style build up but the title of this piece is about breaking free of social media.
The lines are now closed. The votes have been counted and verified. And we can now reveal that the funniest joke at this
Towards the end of Red Dwarf's lifespan, I met my wife, Laura. She was another big Red Dwarf fan (she once kissed Craig Charles
I shouldn't admit this but I totally relate to Red Dwarf's Lister. He's a lazy, curry munching dreamer with no ambition and even less personal hygiene. I try hard not to be like him and do things like this blog, writing for radio and not being a stranger to showers