Housing Bill

The Government has seen off attempts to have to its flagship housing reforms demolished as it made a fierce defence of forcing
MPs will debate controversial reform today
MPs will today debate the controversial Housing and Planning Bill after it faced a demolition job in the House of Lords. As
MPs today debate legislation demolished in the Lords
The Tory Government dismisses council housing as "sink estates" lived in by people who won't vote for them, Labour has said
A bumpy ride for "pay-to-stay" charges and ending lifelong council homes
NB: This article was amended to reflect three further defeats that took place the following week. The Government's flagship
Anyone's who has ever bought a house probably knows that when the money is paid over to their lawyer it goes into a separate 'client bank account' rather than the solicitor's own business account. A situation very different from the one used for letting agents where, almost unbelievably, there is no statutory requirement for such a separate account.
The past fortnight has been a bad one for those dreaming of buying their first home. First there was news that average house price growth has risen to hit a rate of 10.1%, and then Shelter's new figures showed that you will need to earn £64k and have a deposit of £46k to get on the housing ladder by 2020.