Josie Gibson

This Morning welcomes back 'Dug the spud'
This Morning bosses had to think on their feet when Holly Willoughby called in sick, and her replacement was a huge hit with viewers.
The stars' This Morning interview also saw Jennifer mistakenly think she was asked if she was a hooker by presenter Josie Gibson.
Including kitchen disasters, X-rated vegetables and, of course, Iris.
Josie Gibson presenting from a nudist camp was always going to be a recipe for disaster, let's be honest.
"That is not good to do after having a baby," she told presenters Phillip Schofield and Davina McCall.
It's illegal in the UK, but some parents are willing to travel abroad.
TV star said son Reggie-James "spun around and dropped into my womb."
The original 'randy mare' is back on our screens.