Manchester City

It was a funny old weekend of football. Premier League matches alongside some juicy FA Cup Quarter Finals always dilute the attention and I am not sure we are any the wiser as a result. Mind you, it would take more than a game of football to make me wise, that is for sure.
What Payet's shenanigans have ultimately done is avert critical eyes away from the team's performances on the pitch, not to mention ease fears about Bilic's future. With no so called star player, there will inevitably be less media attention around the squad and the need to appease Payet with positive results will also be absent.
So Manchester United were a matter of minutes plus a Michael Carrick ice-cream away from a terrible end to 2016. But on the
The day after New Year's Day was a good day to be Chelsea and Antonio Conte. They didn't even need to play to come out of
Pep Guardiola arrived in Manchester in the summer surrounded by an almost unprecedented level of hype. He was more than just a new manager for City fans, he was a symbol of the progression the club has made in recent years - not only in terms of success, but in reputation as well.
Disgraced former England manager Allardyce is rumoured to be off to China. It has nothing to do with the money though, right? He has learned his lesson on that one. The rumours that Rooney might be following him are getting louder. Rooney to China at the end of the season would have to spell the end of his England career and many would consider that the finest Christmas present he could give to the English game. Not me though, I'm a fan.
Goals! Goals everywhere! Well, on Saturday anyway. Watford and Everton showed Manchester City the way forward, the way forward
With Aguero banned for games against Leicester, Watford, Arsenal and Hull, City have lost their single biggest goal threat. The Argentine superstar has scored 10 times in 12 Premier League appearances this season and is responsible for 33% of the club's goals.
Sunday marked the 30 year anniversary of Sir Alex Ferguson taking over at Manchester United. In the next 30 years Fergie
Many people have tried to stop Zlatan Ibrahimovic scoring goals for fun over the years and it looks as though someone has finally been successful. That's right, Jose Mourinho seems to have cracked to code to make Zlatan less than mortal...