From the woman who can fit every bit of rubbish she’s produced in three years into a single jar, to the cafe using ‘Jesus
'Millenials using social media in China, Saudi Arabia, North Korea, Turkey and Iran are facing bans, blocks and firewalls.'
In countries like Turkey, Iran, China and North Korea the local population are facing a new form of censorship: the censorship
'Without social media we wouldn’t have half the clout we have.'
NHS staff are being empowered by social media to challenge the government and organise the biggest protest junior doctors
ps1.jpg What happens when medics and social media collide? You get one of the biggest revolutions in one of the world's most respected healthcare systems... A real power shift happened. Social media meant that the people, whom the NHS stood for, were back in the driving seat.
'It helps people find what they don’t know they’re looking for.'
Stanton added: “People can generate and audience easier and faster than ever before. “Arguably [Humans of New York is] on