The alleged offence occurred in the Richmond Heights Woods.
The 16-year-old is in a "serious but stable" condition.
Tony Foulds was 8-years-old when he saw a B-17 of the US Air Force attempt to land in a field in Sheffield. The plane had taken enemy fire over Denmark and was attempting an emergency landing in a field where Foulds and his friends were playing. The pilots signalled to the children to leave the area, but ultimately Pilot Lieutenant John Kriegshauser made the choice to veer off into a wooded area to avoid hitting them. All ten crewmen died. Foulds has tended to a memorial to the men for years, but always wished they could be honoured with a flypast. A lucky encounter with BBC presenter Dan Walker, and with the help of the US and British pilots of RAF Lakenheath, made his dream come true.
Adnan Ashraf Jarral and his infant son were among the victims of police chase crash.
Brothers Declan and Elliott Bower were remanded in custody.
Husband and wife also died when hit by car chased by police.
Randy's Hardcore Hamburgers was accused of "normalising rape and porn culture".
Authorities have highlighted the "distressing" effect of the drug.
'There were hundreds of people, a thousand people outside the fence.'