Taika Waititi

“I had no interest in doing one of those films,” Taika said this week, admitting he was always "baffled" by the title character.
The pair have opened up about the intimate" ceremony, and dispelled previous rumours about their nuptials.
“There was no real getting down on one knee. It was more like, ’I want to marry you. Let’s just do it.'”
The newly-married couple worked together on the video for Rita's new Fatboy Slim collaboration Praising You.
"We were friends a long time before we decided to ruin everything to go to the next level," the singer said.
The couple had remained silent on rumours they tied the knot in August last year.
The trio made headlines when they were photographed looking rather amorous last year.
The chart-topping singer has spoken out about the way she is discussed compared to her male peers.
It turns out the Thor: Love And Thunder director may have personal reasons for being annoyed about the Kate Bush renaissance, though.
Phillip Schofield managed to sneak in a mention to the rumours during an interview with Chris Evans.