Charities heralding it as a new idea insults every campaigner and disabled person whose Blue Badge was taken away
Imagine your child reaches three years old and still doesn’t say a word
A measure of how important it is to tick the box was when we told the school, and they congratulated us on getting the diagnosis
If I thought today was emotional, next year will need me to take at least a day off to recover
'We don’t want William to leave home at 12 years old just because he is autistic.'
When a child receives a diagnosis of autism it is a life-changing moment. Many families seeking answers will have already
“It’s clearly despicable,” said an attorney for the girl’s family.
Saskia didn’t start talking properly until she was eight but when she did talk to you there was never eye contact, she would look over your head
There are many things that I want to talk about in life, yet this particular blog is not always the most appropriate place
'Understanding the developmental mechanisms behind autism will help improve early detection.'
'I am autistic, but I am no less worthy of friendship than anyone else.'
It’s possible that hundreds of the most famous inventors, scientists, philosophers, artists could have been autistic
It has been rumoured that Hans Asperger, the Austrian doctor whose name now adorns a particular type of autism, was a Nazi
I decided very quickly that the word autism wouldn’t be a reason for Joseph to not achieve something, no matter how small the achievement was
Raising a child with autism spectrum disorder can be filled with chaos and anxiety – but also with joy and love. 
'There is a tremendous amount of ‘good’ out there just waiting to be found.' ❤️🐻
A fundamental responsibility of image makers is to exercise good judgement in representing experiences outside of their own