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Like most members of the British public I have a strong conviction that with power and influence must come accountability
As valid as the Labour Party's pension protests are, I do hope they are based on some of the key lessons that they should learn about the pension (and welfare) reforms they introduced whilst in government, which also 'reaped injustice' on women.
PRESS ASSOCIATION -- The gap between pay rises for workers in the public sector and private firms has widened in recent months
Bovine TB is a terrible disease. Last year alone 25,000 cattle were slaughtered in England at a cost of £90 million to the taxpayer in testing and compensation for farmers. In hotspot areas like the South West, the toll on farmers and the rural community is immense. The Coalition Agreement promised farmers a science-led approach on bovine TB. With these proposals the government has turned their back on the science. The Environment Secretary has achieved the almost impossible. With the forests sell-off, her inept handling of wild animals in circuses and now an ill thought-out badger cull she has shot herself in the foot not once but 3 times. A hat trick unmatched by any other minister.
We have heard the Prime Minister goad the unions, price-up our forests, tinker with our NHS and, more recently, react to the mess of the phone hacking scandal, but we have heard him say next to nothing in regard to the shortage of housing - one of the main concerns facing young people.
I've lost count of the number of people I've met in areas of real deprivation or in very challenging circumstances who've told me how technology has served as a lifeline for them.
I think it's time to get properly offended by the professionalisation of the toddler years. It should not be the government's role to replace our Mini-Mes with a bunch of Mini-Camerons, schooled in the art of jumping through official hoops before they can even use knives and forks.
I wonder how David Cameron would assess his first year in Government. Not in the sense of a verdict he'd give to the media, but an honest opinion of how he thinks he's doing.
The long-delayed Open Public Services White Paper finally appeared on Monday July 11th, but hardly anyone noticed. Why is a comprehensive policy framework needed?
The long delayed government White Paper "Open Public Services" finally arrived, although few noticed as it was drowned out by the sound of Rupert Murdoch's empire collapsing.