Britney Spears

It's obvious that many famous types enjoy the company of other stars, but it's only when you see some odd celebrity friendships
Got a celeb coming to your house? Then expect a long list of ludicrous demands in the post any day now. From odourless cheese
Get fresh at the weekend! So sang Mel And Kim - and no, I had no idea what they meant, either. And here for your weekend
Former pop princess Britney Spears turned 30 today. In 1996, aged just 15, Britney landed her first solo record deal with
Britney Spears turns 30 today and, as someone we've grown up listening to, it seemed right that we put together a memorable
Ever wondered where Jedward get their crazy trainers from, or the Tony the Tiger coats they bumbled about in on Celebrity Big Brother?
Britney Spears will struggle to keep her pop princess crown, if the awards list of last night's MTV EMA Awards is anything
Justin Timberlake has taken another big step away from being recognised for his sweet, curly locks, dapper dancing and being
Let's just get one thing straight, Britney, it's not cool to be in love with a criminal. It's also not cool to point a gun
We have watched the video for Britney Spears' Criminal around 30 times (conservative estimate) and we have a few observations
We love you Britney. We loved you back when we were at school listening to Baby, One More Time and we loved you when we later
Britney Spears has been travelling the globe on her Femme Fatale tour and her dancing-every-night-away regime has her looking
PRESS ASSOCIATION -- Britney Spears has said she's looking forward to turning 30. The Womanizer singer - who joined Disney's
Last night, Britney Spears hosted a party to celebrate the launch of her European Femme Fatale tour at London's trendy Sanctum
What was Lady Gaga wearing? And were Justin Beiber and Demi Lovato holding hands? Check out pictures from the VMAs below
PRESS ASSOCIATION -- Lady Gaga is apparently planning a collaboration with Britney Spears. The Poker Face singer was spotted
Until this point, Britney Spears' Femme Fatale tour has been synonymous (in our minds, at least) with a fabulous selection
We have to admit Kate would make a pretty darn cute cowgirl, and there is something appealing about imagining Prince William