david beckham

In the new documentary series about his career, footballer David Beckham's work and personal life are an entangled mess.
“It’s astounding what’s happened in my life. But the past has me in a headlock. Something has to give."
David and Victoria Beckham have achieved the (almost) impossible in a celeb relationship – 24 years of marital bliss. We take a look back at their fairytale romance...
Following the release of Netflix documentary Beckham, social media has been reflecting on some old school Posh and Becks moments.
"Be honest," he told his wife in the new Netflix documentary Beckham.
"David wasn’t apologetic about it, but he was very open to discussing it. And we did discuss it," said director Fisher Stevens.
Every year it seems there's outrage in response to a photo or video of the former footballer kissing his daughter. This time, fans came out overwhelmingly in support of the star.