eamonn holmes

"Go out in the garden, have a bit of sunshine, and stop believing complete rubbish," the Have I Got News For You panellist said.
Eamonn Holmes' coronavirus theory is just one of many moments that have caused a stir over the years.
Vodafone boss blasts "deluded conspiracy theorists" as 20 masts were attacked over the weekend.
The presenter has claimed his remarks during Monday's edition of This Morning "may have been misinterpreted".
The media regulator received more than 400 complaints after Eamonn appeared to defend a theory that 5G caused coronavirus.
During Monday's This Morning, Eamonn claimed it's "easy" to dispel the theory because it "suits the state narrative".
The This Morning host is at the centre of controversy after his remarks during Monday's live show.
The former GMTV host shared her symptoms in a Twitter post.