Saturday Night Live

The skit has been branded insensitive, inappropriate and ill-timed.
Adele was rolling deep in praise after her first “Saturday Night Live” hosting gig.
The singer even belted out a few of her classic hits along the way.
The singer could not have been more Adele as she guest hosted the US sketch show.
The Hello singer is set to front the US sketch show for the first time – and fans think it could mean her new album is finally on the way.
The actor mimicked Trump on Saturday Night Live to spoof the president's debate with Joe Biden, played by Jim Carrey.
“I mean, what job do you have for four years no matter what?” the comedian asked SNL's first live audience since the Covid outbreak.
"We can all Make America Not Actively on Fire Again," Jim Carrey's Joe Biden told voters.
The comic actor will appear in the new season of SNL, opposite Maya Rudolph as running mate Kamala Harris.