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The two can be seen cutting a rug in new photos from their lavish reception.
"It’s f***ing creepy that grown old men taking pictures of a baby without their permission."
A brief investigation into whether or not obscure Game of Thrones characters influenced the actor and husband Joe Jonas' naming choice.
The Game Of Thrones star and musician tied the knot in May last year.
The Game of Thrones star took her husband's Instagram post and fired it right back at him.
Their first meeting backstage at the VMAs was, obviously, a noisy one.
The Jonas Brothers performer definitely was not a sucker at the Capital One Arena.
The Sansa Stark actress has doubled down on her comments about the fan petition to rewrite the final series.
Whether it’s Maisie Williams and Sophie Turner meeting in Game of Thrones auditions, Titanic making BFFs out of Kate Winslet and Leonardo DiCaprio, or John Travolta and his buddy Pitbull getting matching hairstyles, Hollywood has formed some of the strongest - and most unlikely - friendships.