lourdes leon

The Queen of Pop enjoyed some time with her loved ones over Christmas while on a break from her current world tour.
"I would be nothing without the woman who brought me into the world. I revere her."
Lourdes Leon posted a tongue-in-cheek tribute to her famous mum as the US celebrated Mother's Day over the weekend.
The Queen of Pop's eldest child was joined by Pamela Anderson and Charlie XCX at the fash bash in New York.
Lourdes Leon has unveiled the latest song under her Lolahol moniker – and she's pushing buttons just like her famous mum.
The pop icon, alongside her two grown-up children, put in an appearance at Tom Ford's fashion show in New York.
The Queen of Pop's daughter has reinvented herself as Lolahol for her first musical offering.
The Queen of Pop turned 64 in style, with an elaborate bash attended by all of her children.