3. The dinners.   9. The audible sex.    12. The incompatible schedules.    8. The noise.    2. The groceries.    10. The
"95 percent of marriage is spent changing the temperature of the thermostat."
"Can we agree ... it would be better for you to simply stop watching ‘SNL’?"
We can all probably agree that getting the Michael BubléChristmas album out on the day after Halloween is excessive. But
Trump clearly does not have "a very good brain." He is stuck in arrested development, a little boy-bully who has got the top job, who can say whatever he wants, and none of us will ever have a clue if he means it.
Last week I stayed up to watch the US election results come in. As it turns out, democracy in action can be a slow affair
How many Essex girls does it take to sign an online petition?  More than 5,000 women have now given their support to a campaign