31 August 2016
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Muslim Women- We Are Not Commodities To Be Sold In Your Political Marketplace


The actual problem at hand, that perhaps someone could shed light on, is this internalised archaic colonial fetishization, that we are shockingly still forced to be a part of in 2016. There is a multitude of Muslim women with a multitude of firm voices ready to share a multitude of opinions because we are not a homogenous group, you are all just speaking too loudly over us to hear any of it.

Labour MP Chris Bryant Reveals 25 MPs Sent Identical Death Threat

Commons Hacking Half Length Mid Speaking Mangsk Na
PA/PA Archive

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Corbyn's 'Digital Democracy' Flaws.. Cameron Gives Special Advisers Payrises

This Is What Imperial Measurement-Era Britain Really Looked Like

Abstract Background Blue Britain British Cross Empire England English Flag Frame Full Government Great Hat Heraldry Horizontal Jack Kingdom London
Anthony Baggett via Getty Images

Here's Some Very Good News For Southern Rail Users - Finally

Industry Southern
Dominic Lipinski/PA Wire

Jeremy Corbyn Praises Bernie Sanders For Pushing Hillary Clinton To The Left

Politics Horizontal

Corbyn's 'Digital Democracy' Launch Marred By Painfully Ironic Blunders

Politics Labour
Jane Barlow/PA Wire

High-Ranking ISIS Spokesman Killed In Aleppo, Group's Amaq Agency Says

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7 Times Labour Members Were Banned From Leadership Vote

Athena Image
Jeff J Mitchell via Getty Images

Polish Man Beaten To Death In 'Hate Crime'

Police Data
Yui Mok/PA Wire

Apple's €13 Billion Tax Fine Is Bascially Loose Change To Tech Giant

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Thomas Peter / Reuters

55 Years After Agent Orange Was Used In Vietnam...

Asia Pollution Toxic Chemical War
Kuni Takahashi via Getty Images

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Italy Rescues 1,100 Migrants From The Mediterranean.. 10,000 Killed In Yemen Civil War

David Cameron Gave His Special Advisers Large Payrises In 2015

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Carl Court via Getty Images

Conjoined Twins Defy Odds To Start School

Health Conjoined
Dominic Lipinski/PA Wire

Jeremy Vine Posts Terrifying Road Rage Clip After Motorist Threatened To 'Knock Him Out'

Jeremy Vine Road Rage
Facebook Jeremy Vine

Amber Rudd Heads Off French Threats Of Calais Jungle Move To Britain

Politics Hate Courts Student
Dan Kitwood/PA Wire

Aboriginal Mother Fuels Race Debate With Picture Of Daughter's ‘Whiteface’


Jeremy Corbyn Campaign Attacks Labour 'Purge' Of Members

Athena Image
Jane Barlow/PA Wire

Sainsbury's Launches 'Slow Shopping' For Vulnerable Customers

Business Corporation Corporat Eame Europe Britain England Economy Economic Eco Emea Europe Finance Financial Economy Food Foods Produce Supermark
Bloomberg via Getty Images

Willy Wonka Actor Gene Wilder Dies, Aged 83

Gene Wilder
Warner Bros

'People's Challenge' To Stop Brexit Without Act Of Parliament

Athena Image
Neil Hall / Reuters

Corbyn Hopes To Learn From Sanders In Digital General Election Fight

Politics Labour
Jane Barlow/PA Wire

Police Seek Four Women After Banker 'Killed By Single Punch'

Oliver Dearlove
Metropolitan Police

North Korea Executes Official Who 'Fell Asleep During Meeting'

Athena Image
KCNA KCNA / Reuters

Hero Brit Backpacker Dies After Being Stabbed Trying To Save Woman


Family Of Five Dead In Ireland May Be Murder-Suicide Say Police

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Here's The Truth About Apple's Massive Pile Of Cash

App Apple Google Journalism Journalist Nso Group Pegasus Symbol Tech Technology Uae Activist Ahmed Mansoor Application Democracy Encryption Firmware
NurPhoto via Getty Images

ASOS Accused Of 'Ripping Off Independent Designers'

InstagramHopeless Lingerie

'How To Talk To A Woman Wearing Headphones?' Clue: Just Don't

Athena Image
Hinterhaus Productions via Getty Images

Hidden Rainbow Hair Lets You Choose When To Reveal Your True Colours

Hidden Rainbow Hair

This Wedding Invitation Took A Very Morbid Turn Very Quickly


Man Who Had A Vasectomy Surprises Wife By Telling Her She's Pregnant


Single Mum Captures Struggle Of Motherhood In Heartbreaking Post


TFL Is Trialling New Badges For Disabled Passengers On The Tube


Yes, Tom Daley Has Worn His Olympic Medal Naked, Thanks For Asking

Tom Daley
Ian Lawrence via Getty Images

12 Times Bridget Jones Was All Of Us


'Bake Off' Fans Are Kicking Off Because Of A Well-Endowed Squirrel And A Pheasant

Great British Bake Off Pheasant Squirrel

Michelle Keegan Discusses Doing Her Own 'Our Girl' Stunts

Michelle Keegan
BBCCoco Van Oppens

Forget Paddling, You Can Now Pilot A Kayak With A Drone


If You Are A Parent Of Twins You Should Really Try Out These Experiments

Adorable Babies Baby Babyskin Background Beautiful Big Bottle Brother Care Caucasian Childhood Cute Daugther Eyes Feeding Feet Human Identical
Franz Pfluegl via Getty Images