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My Apartment: Dan Moosah

Dan Moosah is the man bringing New York style to London in the form of Delancey; a Jewish deli-style restaurant in Goodge Street, serving everything from smoked salmon to salt beef bagels. We visited his Mapesbury loft to ask him about whether New York influences his home as well as his business, his previous life as a poker player and to meet his gorgeous toddler Dylan.

Phoebe-Lettice Thompson

How long have you lived here?
We've lived here for three years. We used to live in St John's Wood, which is where we both grew up, but then we decided that we wanted to move away... although not far! This is a very cool area; three minutes away from Queen's Park, three minutes from West Hampstead, five minutes from Kensall Rise so you're in a little hub.

What inspired your decor?
I've always liked loft-style apartments. This is a loft conversion, and we bought it because I love the high ceilings, and even though it's a bit higgledy-piggledy, you get nice shadows from the different angles of things. For now, this is the closest I could get to a New York loft around here!

You've got a lot of street art around...
I like street art a lot; graffiti-type stuff. If I had the walls, I'd be an art collector! But luckily I've got some bare walls at Delancey that need filling. We've also got some great old black and white photos of a 1920s Delancey Street and the guy that it's named after, things like that to go up.

What are your luxuries at home?
We always get bought candles because I love candles... we've got loads everywhere, some I don't even want to light. I just got this one from M of WG that smells of bourbon that I love.

How do you relax when you get home?
Red wine! Dylan goes to bed at 7 – I'm lucky because I get home in time to give him a bath – and then I cook, or my wife, and put on the telly with a bottle of red. My favourite is this show on the Food Network called Diners, Drive-Ins and Dives... I could watch it all night! It's all the food I like; American soul-food, hidden gems in the middle of nowhere. And we've been to a few of the places we've seen on the show when we've been on drives through America.

Phoebe-Lettice Thompson

Have you travelled around a lot? There's a lot of American influence here!
I used to travel a lot for work, and all over America from Vegas to Miami and LA... I love the American way of life and, although I love London, I want to end up over there. Saying that, I think it gets more like New York here every day; Shoreditch is like a mini Lower East Side. But yeah, I used to be a professional poker player – which sounds more glamorous than it was – and I used to go around Vegas and places like Barcelona a lot for tournaments.

Do you have people round for dinner, or are you sick of it by the end of the day?
Well, before I started working as a poker player, I trained as a chef. My temperament probably wouldn't work as a chef but I love cooking and I love food. I love Jewish food; not Kosher food, but proper New York style stuff. We do Friday night dinner every week either at here or at my parent's house, it's something I did growing up and have continued. I learned to carve a chicken and smoked salmon from my grandfather at Friday night dinner and I still use all the family recipes. A great roasted tomato soup, a roast chicken... we've mastered it!

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