25 January 2017

The Global Gag Rule: A Political Game With Severe Consequences For Women's Lives

Donald Trump Executive Order Evan Vucci/AP

The action shows the extent to which abortion is seen, not as a fundamental healthcare necessity for women, but as a plaything for politicians who want to posture and demonstrate their traditional, conservative commitments. Those of us who believe that women should be able to decide for themselves how to plan their families; those of us who see abortion as a legitimate and necessary part of healthcare; and, who believe that the morals and values of women throughout the world should not be dictated by them and not funders, need to raise our voices now.

Theresa May Compared To 'Pseudo Dictator' Over Brexit Plans

Politics Brexit
Victoria Jones/PA Wire

This National Park Is Defying Trump With Climate Change Facts

Badlands National Park
Badlands National Park

8 Things You Can Do For Women's Rights In 2017

Archive Women March Rights London Us Politics Presidential Inauguration Donald Trump Idsok
Isabel Infantes/EMPICS Entertainment

Brexit Plans Have Put Aviation Industry In A 'Dangerous Phase'

Tom Williams

David Davis To Introduce Article 50 Legislation 'Within Days'

Politics Brexit
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Trump Goads Media With Inauguration Photo - With Wrong Date

Athena Image

Jeremy Corbyn Vows Labour Could Still Block A 'Bad Brexit'

Politics Corbyn
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Here's The Biggest Whopper Of Day Five Of Trump's America

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Kevin Lamarque / Reuters

11 Brexiteers Who Have Fundamentally Misunderstood The Brexit Ruling

Court Law Politics Horizontal

Lawyers Are Worried Kids Believe They're 'Enemies Of The People'

British Tradition Law Adult Western European Descent Regalia Judge Wig Back View Justice Customs And Celebrations Robe Four People City Of Westminster
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IDS Humiliated By Lawyer Over Supreme Court Brexit Ruling Comment


The Supreme Court Has Not Ruled Against Brexit. Here's Why


Flood Lords With 800 New Peers If It Tries To Stop Brexit, Says Ukip MP

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Ian Forsyth via Getty Images

People Are Calling For Gina Miller To Be Treated With Respect

Idsok Empicsentnewspaper Brexit Referendum Poll Vo
Matt Crossick/Matt Crossick

Pound Edges Lower Following Supreme Court's Brexit Ruling

Pound Supreme Court

Supreme Court Rules Government Must Consult MPs Over Article 50

Politics Brexit
Victoria Jones/PA Wire

Watch Landmark Brexit Ruling Live From The Supreme Court

Politics Brexit
Victoria Jones/PA Wire

5 Other Times Men Have Made Crucial Decisions On US Women's Bodies

SAUL LOEB via Getty Images

Piers Morgan's Women's March Tweets Cost GMB An A-List Guest

Ewan Mcgregor

Two Men Arrested After Hornchurch Explosion Destroys Building

Fire Hornchurch
Victoria Jones/PA Wire

'Rhodes Must Fall' Campaigner Accepts £40K Rhodes Scholarship

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Schools 'Will Lose Children's Mental Health Support', Say Headteachers


Severe Weather Warning Issued As Freezing Fog Causes Travel Chaos

Hli Aptopix
Alastair Grant/AP

This Is What Air Pollution Is Doing To Your Body

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Ray Pfortner via Getty Images

Sheepdog Puppies Rescued From Italian Hotel Buried In Avalanche

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Handout . / Reuters
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'EastEnders' Bus Crash Aftermath Sees Martin Fowler Freed - But One Walford Resident Could Be Dead

Eastenders Spoilers

Things Get Saucy Between Jamie O'Hara And Bianca Gascoigne On 'Celebrity Big Brother'

Jamie Ohara Bianca Gascoigne Celebrity Big Brother
Channel 5

Gemma Collins Hits Back At Joe Pasquale In Typical GC Style Over 'Sugar Free Farm' Cheating Claims

Gemma Collins Sugar Free Farm

Air Pollution And Children: What Parents Need To Know

Air Gas
Artsiom via Getty Images

'EastEnders' Reveals 10 Characters Who Will Definitely Survive Bus Crash Week

Eastenders Spoilers
BBC Pictures

These Cancer Patients Couldn't Attend The Women's March, So They Held Their Own In Hospital

Hospital March
Allie Oetken/Twitter

Susanna Reid Defends Herself From Critics Amid Piers Morgan Women's March Backlash

England Entertainment Event Itv Gala London London Palladium Susanna Reid
Barcroft Media via Getty Images

Morgan Delivers Scathing Response To McGregor's 'GMB' Interview Cancellation

Athena Image
Gareth Cattermole via Getty Images

15 Years Ago Today... Another Dramatic Musical Walk-Out

Black Dress B2483260 Television Smile Singer Pop S
Dave Hogan via Getty Images

Top Fashion Model Reveals She Is Intersex To Campaign Against 'Unnecessary Surgery'

Athena Image
Ian Gavan via Getty Images

5 Ways To Not Lose Your Cool Over Toddler Tantrums

Sports Helmet Toddler Boys Tantrum City Life Hysteria Screaming Preschool Building Physical Injury 1518 Months Child Crying Playing Falling Action
SbytovaMN via Getty Images

The Razzie Award Nominations Are In... It's Bad News For Ben Affleck, Ben Stiller And Naomi Watts

Razzie Awards

Nadia Sawalha Reveals The Real Reason She's Been Repeat-Wearing 'The Blouse' On 'Loose Women'

Loose Women

Giant Otters As Big As Wolves Once Roamed The World