25 April 2017

The Spectre Of Election Expense Fraud Allegations Loom Large

Ballot Box Rui Vieira/PA Wire

General election fever has taken over. As parties scramble to get Prospective Parliamentary Candidates in place, boost fundraising, and write manifestos, a hangover from the 2015 general election lingers - the ongoing electoral fraud investigations against a substantial number of Conservative MPs. Not only do these allegations have pointed implications for this election, but there are also wider lessons on campaign spending that still need to be learnt - but perhaps not in time.

Tories Set To Replace Labour As Biggest Party In Wales - Poll

Vote Politics Horizontal
GEOFF CADDICK via Getty Images

Ukip's Arron Banks Accused Of Bottling After Election Bid

Politics Ukip
PA Wire/PA Images

Marine Le Pen Temporarily Steps Down As Front National Leader To Shake Off Party's Toxic Image

Athena Image
Pascal Rossignol / Reuters

Lib Dems Seek To Oust Pro-Brexit Labour MP In Vauxhall

Election Libdems
PA Wire/PA Images

Fury As Tories Delay Publishing Air Quality Plan

Environment Air
PA Wire/PA Images

Tim Farron Refuses Again To Say If He Thinks Gay Sex Is A Sin

Election Libdems
PA Wire/PA Images

Ukip Accused Of 'Full Throttled' Islamophobia

Politics Politician Political Mid Length Half Uk Independence Party Empicsentnewspaper
EMPICS Entertainment

15 Most Batsh*t Moments From Donald Trump's 'Unintelligible' Interview

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Brendan McDermid / Reuters

Fallon Denies Trying To 'Smear' Corbyn Over Use Of Nuclear Weapons

Idsok Empicsentnewspaper Politician Politics Political Minister Ministers Mps Parliament Parliamentary Government Mp Member House Commons Party
Empics Entertainment

The True Story Behind The Murder Of 11-Year-Old Rhys Jones

Police Shooting Half Length Mid Top Smiling Englan
PA Archive/PA Images

Ukip Denies It Wants To Ban Beekeepers From Wearing Protective Gear

Election Ukip
PA Wire/PA Images

Marine Le Pen's Most Controversial Election Pledges

France Fn Marine Le Pen Candidate Presidential Election Farright First Round Henin Beaumont
Anadolu Agency via Getty Images

Britain First Marks St George's Day By Inventing Word That Exists

Demonstration Horizontal

Sir David Attenborough Admits Memory Problems Make Job Harder

Science Attenborough
PA Wire/PA Images

New £1 Is Apparently Forgery-Proof. But This Man Says He's Found A Fake

New Pound Coin

A Tory Thinks Men Are Minority Because They Suffer Less Domestic Violence

Philip Davies

Milo To Hold A 'Free Speech Week' Targeting Feminism And Islam

Politics Media Conservative Altright
Drew Angerer via Getty Images

'Take Me Out' Contestant Dies Following Appearance

Charlie Watkins Take Me Out Paddy Mcguinness

Madeleine McCann Was ‘Snatched To Order By A Rich Family'

Madeleine Mccann
Press Association

Naked Mole-Rats Can Survive Without Oxygen For Nearly 20 Minutes

Naked Mole Rat
Thomas Park/UIC

Arrest Confirmed After Horrific Murder Of Former Navy Officer

Mike Samwell
PA via handout

There's Now A Website To Tactically Vote To Keep Out The Tories

Theresa May
POOL New / Reuters

8 Reasons Wine Is Good For You, So Pour Yourself Another Glass

Beautiful Leisure Activity One Woman Only Only Women One Young Woman Only Only Young Women Young Women Women Females Celebration Looking Away
Portra via Getty Images

There's A 'Malicious' Link Between Stalking And Murder, New Study Finds

Women Men Males Stalker Person Murder Assassination Aiming Thief Criminal Rifle Handgun Gun Victim Young Adult Fear Stealing Walking Holding
KatarzynaBialasiewicz via Getty Images

Emmanuel Macron And Marine Le Pen To Go Head-To-Head

Athena Image
Charles Platiau / Reuters

People Loved London Marathon Runner Helping Struggling Athlete

Marathon Horizontal
ADRIAN DENNIS via Getty Images
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Stealthing: What You Need To Know About This Illegal New Sex Practice

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Peter Dazeley via Getty Images

Good Morning Britain's Charlotte Hawkins Gets Real On Why Women On TV Need To Work Even Harder

Charlotte Hawkins
Ken McKay/ITV/Rex/Shutterstock

25 Years Ago Today... The World's Most Glamorous Couple Got Married

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Ron Galella via Getty Images

Fleur East Speaks Out To Defend The X Factor's Most Controversial Element

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Jeff Spicer via Getty Images

Daytime Stars Share Their Most Mortifying Live TV Moments

Charlotte Hawkins
Ken McKay/ITV/Rex/Shutterstock

These Beauty Brands May Be Making 'Misleading Organic Claims', Report Finds

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Getty Images/iStockphoto

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Stephanie Davis And Phillip Schofield Clash Over 'Biased' 'This Morning' Interview

Phillip Schofield Stephanie Davis This Morning

6 Easy Ways You Can Cut Down Phone Time When You're With Your Family

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Sally Anscombe via Getty Images

Amber Heard Appears To Confirm Relationship With Tech Visionary Elon Musk

Amber Heard Elon Musk
Instagram/Amber Heard

This Is What Happens When Lightning Perfectly Strikes A Tree


These 'Line Of Duty' Fan Theories Will Make You Rethink Who Balaclava Man Is

Line Of Duty Series 4

Original Bananarama Trio Announce Reunion Plans

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