23 February 2017

No Bregrets - Labour Must Focus On Our Plan For Post-Brexit Britain

Labour must now focus on the longer term. The referendum was a Tory ruse to deal with splits in their own ranks. They never expected Leave to win and made no plans for it. Labour must hold the Government to account throughout the Brexit negotiations, but we must not to let the Tories misrepresent this as wrecking tactics they can blame for their inevitable failures... In politics you win by owning tomorrow not yesterday. The referendum is over and Brexit is going to happen on terms dictated by the Tory parliamentary majority because Labour lacks the votes to change it. So we should now focus on a more positive vision of what Brexit could be.

Nuttall To 'Run Scared' Of Marr If He Loses Stoke Central

Christopher Furlong via Getty Images

Woman Killed By 'Storm Doris Debris'

The Huffington Post Uk
The Huffington Post UK

Labour MPs Outraged By Professor's 'Patronising Garbage' Interview

Bbc Newsnight

Bailey's Intimate Blog About Killer Partner Just Weeks Before Her Murder

Ian Stewart And Helen Bailey

Ministers Accused Of 'Hiding' Details Of Jamal al-Harith Payout

Athena Image
Andy Hall via Getty Images

Eating 10 Fruit And Veg Portions A Day 'Can Protect Against Disease'

Healthy Eating Green Bell Pepper Heirloom Tomato R
tvirbickis via Getty Images

How 'Unknown' Labour Figures Could Be Best Placed To Topple Jeremy Corbyn

Athena Image
John Lamparski/Howard Walker/Anadolu Agency/Getty Images

Cesspit Killer Ian Stewart Given 34 Years For Helen Bailey's Murder

Ian Stewart And Helen Bailey

Manhunt For 'Dangerous' Escaped Killer Escalates After Police Ambushed During Hospital Visit

Shaun Walmsley
Merseyside Police

Five Things You Need To Know From Westminster Today

Jeremy Corbyn

90mph Gales As Britain Gets Battered By 'Weather Bombs'

Storm Doris
Met Office

Three Boys Arrested After Alleged Acid Attack At East London School

Sydney Russell School
Google Street View

In Just Five Years New York Has Grown Its Solar Power By Almost 800%

Energy Energy Real Estate Real Estate
Bloomberg via Getty Images

Here's What The HS2 Route Is Going To Look Like

Business Finance Transportation
Christopher Furlong via Getty Images

'This Is Not Trump's America' Passenger Yells As 'Racist' Man Is Kicked Off Flight

Racist Thrown Off Plane

UK Boss Of Shell Hits Out At Trump's Stance On Clean Energy


Muslims Raise £90K For Jewish Cemetery Desecrated In Anti-Semitic Attack

Athena Image
Tom Gannam / Reuters

Take A 360-Degree Tour Of The New Planets That Could Be Hosting Life


No.10: No Comment On May's Role In Guantanamo Case

Diplomacy Horizontal
TOBY MELVILLE via Getty Images

Men Urged To 'Fight Their Mate's Corner' When It Comes To Mental Health

Athena Image
Hinterhaus Productions via Getty Images

'Fat Cat' University Leaders Prompt Union Anger

Abbey Bath Bath Abbey British Royalty Chancellor Church Earl Of Wessex Glynis Breakwell Gown Half Length Horizontal Human Interest Mortar Board
Max Mumby/Indigo via Getty Images

Andy Burnham Slams Theresa May For 'Misrepresenting' Him In NHS Attack

Athena Image
Christopher Furlong/Matt Cardy/Getty Images

NASA Has Discovered Seven Earth-Like Planets Orbiting A Nearby Star

Nasa Earthlike Planet

This Could Help Reduce Unnecessary Separation Of Mothers From Newborns

Athena Image
KidStock via Getty Images

Trump To Scrap Bathroom Choice Rules For Transgender Students

Bathrooms Unisex Genderneutral Lgbt Gender Identity
Boston Globe via Getty Images

Daily Mail Responds To 'Monstrous' Blair's Criticism Of Reporting

Athena Image
Carl Court via Getty Images

These Are The Odds On The Stoke By-Election

Athena Image
Christopher Furlong via Getty Images
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George Michael's Wham! Bandmates Explain Why Chris Martin Was 'Perfect Fit For Brits'

George Michael

Fearne Cotton Reveals When And Where Her 'Fearne On Fashion' Pop-Up Shop Will Be

Fearne Cotton
Instagram/Fearne Cotton

Trans Man And His Nan Discuss Coming Out In Touching Video

Gavin Cueto
Gavin Cueto / YouTube

Carol McGiffin Teases 'Loose Women' Return, But Only If 'Certain Panellists' Are 'Let Go'

Loose Women
Steve Meddle/Rex/Shutterstock

Woman Wades Through Mud Then Sets Wedding Dress On Fire To Celebrate Her Divorce

Wedding Dress

23 Sex Tips To Make Bedtime Great Again

25 To 29 Years African American Ethnicity At Home
Steve Prezant via Getty Images

Sleeping For Nine Hours Or More Could Be Early Warning Sign Of Dementia

Athena Image
Hero Images via Getty Images

Astronomers Discover The Brightest, Furthest Pulsar In the Universe

Pulsar Neutron Star Radio Optical Space Astronomy Artwork Art Extrasolar Exoplanet

Storm Doris Is Destroying The UK And Everyone Is Freaking Out

Europe Eu British Emea Eu
Bloomberg via Getty Images

Holly Willoughby Speaks Out On 'Blind Date' Presenting Rumours

Athena Image
David M. Benett via Getty Images

This Is The Place In The UK Having The Most Sex, Sorry London

Beautiful Real People Candid Residential Building Women Females Two People Comfortable Copy Space Love At First Sight Domestic Life Eyes Closed
Yuri_Arcurs via Getty Images

'Good Morning Britain' Presenters Speculate Gender Of Cheryl's Baby After Bump Photo


19 Celebs Who Really Had It Large At The Brit Awards After Parties

Athena Image
David M. Benett via Getty Images