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David Taylor

A Libertarian Evangelical Christian Tory

David has worked in politics and the third-sector, representing faith-groups and encouraging better engagement. He is passionate about pulling people off the sidelines and getting involved. David writes on his personal blog at He regularly comments on faith, politics and society. He is a Libertarian, Evangelical Christian and a Tory. He's self-critical, keen to learn and reconstructing his beliefs.

Time To Care About North Korea

The time for the joking has stopped. We, in the developed and free world, don't need to be 'making light of the situation in order to cope'. We will cope whatever happens. What we need is to be prepared to face horrors to come. The wise thing to do right now, along with praying for those in DPRK, would be to make sure that our governments are ready and willing to give all we have to see those people live.
09/08/2017 16:44 BST

This Election Isn't For The Young

This isn't an election for young people. In fact, I'm not sure there has ever been an election 'for young people'. Except maybe the Student Union elections we see every now and then. And there probably will never be one. There is also no political party for young people.
19/05/2017 11:16 BST

Ending Political Games

If you heard Theresa May's announcement today, then you would have heard that she believes people are playing political games, harming our chances at a decent Brexit negotiation.
24/04/2017 12:36 BST

Don't Accept The Tories As They Are

I was happy to hear that the Conservatives had won the Copeland by-election. Mostly, because I am a Conservative supporter. But anyone who's read my incoherent warbling online will be aware that I subscribe to a particular string of conservatism that's left of many others. I'd probably go so far as to call myself a Libertarian Conservative - if that's possible.
28/02/2017 11:39 GMT

Snowflakes And Ice Hearts - The Generational Divide

There is an obsession at the moment, in the pre-millennial generations, to term today's under 30's as 'snowflakes'. A thinly veiled insult that's supposed to show up the overly delicate and sensitive nature of our post-modern society.
10/01/2017 17:18 GMT

An Elite Response To Richmond

Huge swathes of the Tory party would take joy in calling you that, and they certainly celebrated the Brexit result as a victory over people like you. Post-Cameron you can be assured that this isn't going to change any time soon. The Richmond Park by-election showed why this could be a problem for my party, and I'm kind of glad it did.
05/12/2016 17:05 GMT

Fleeing Under The Fog Of War

On Monday morning the worlds worst kept military secret, the invasion of Mosul, became even more public as it propelled itself up the news agenda. The long planned for offensive on the ISIS stronghold of Mosul, Iraq's second city, has begun.
18/10/2016 12:26 BST

You're Not That Busy!

I've learnt a lot about people whilst being here and that's not really surprising, I'm a people watcher and there are a lot of them. One of the things most people will learn about Londoners is that they are always busy. Except that they're not, most people aren't, they just think they are.
26/08/2016 14:19 BST

I Probably Don't Matter

A quick search on Twitter of the phrase #BeachBodyReady will show you the campaign that broke the camel's back, and its fairly obvious why people could be upset by it. Personally, I wasn't offended. I see it as OK that we promote healthy bodies and lifestyles, and I say that as someone who struggles to get into shape.
14/06/2016 15:11 BST

The Religion of Same - Why Britain Must Fall

If we want things to improve then we shouldn't be demanding less of the world and blaming contributing foreign ex-pats. I'd rather give free healthcare and school places to those who pay in than to those who refuse.
17/05/2016 11:04 BST

To Vote or Not to Vote... That'll Be the Question

Come a few weeks time I, and many others, will be asked to trudge down to a local polling station to share an opinion on who we think should run London, followed by a vote on the EU. Many people across the country will vote on even more things, such as the Police and Crime Commissioner and council members. It's voting season.
27/04/2016 13:01 BST

More Than One Direction

It's probably no surprise to you that I am not running for the office of President of the United States or seeking for your vote in a referendum. I've not got an employer who'll tell me to be careful and I expect my political friends have already discounted me as a Tory. Which mean I can say whatever I want right now, and I am going to do that with reference to Brussels.
24/03/2016 12:01 GMT

Homelessness - It Isn't Just for Christmas

You see, homelessness isn't just for Christmas. That man outside your railway station with a cardboard sign, that you are suspicious about, will still be there in the New Year. But then so will the faith groups, silently, below the surface. Homelessness isn't just for Christmas, neither is caring about it.
16/12/2015 14:52 GMT