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Sian Hunter

eCommerce & Communications assistant at Derek Rose

Siân is currently creating web content and managing PR for Derek Rose; a luxury British heritage brand based in London. After graduating with a degree in fashion design, Siân worked with various luxury menswear brands in a range of roles before finding that she was best deployed writing all about them.

Coming Out as a Woman Who Doesn't Want Children

Pregnancy is supposed to be the most wonderful time of a woman's life. I, however, liken the condition to that of being invaded by a parasite. Reading that sentence back to myself makes me feel like a terrible person. And very worried that there is something wrong with me. This is me sharing my dirty secret via my laptop: I don't ever want to be a mother.
19/03/2014 17:28 GMT

I'm Just Really Into Guys That Annoy Me

My ex-boyfriend really annoyed me. The guy before that infuriated me. The one I was with for five years? Constant frustration. But the guy who I dated for a few weeks but never really clicked with? Didn't annoy me at all. Inoffensive just doesn't really do it for me.
10/02/2014 15:03 GMT