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Tina Medlock


Tina is mum to a 9 year old boy Joseph who has autism. She won the 2017 Bloody Awesome Parents (BAPS) SEND Newcomer blogger award. She likes to give an honest (often sweary) account of their lives dealing with autism.

My Issue With The A Word

After the first series of <em>The A Word</em> I couldn't bring myself to state publicly that I liked it, because I didn't. I had a strange addiction to it and and although I know it's not bad for me, I hated the fact that I couldn't stop watching it and yet I wanted it to end.
07/11/2017 11:24 GMT

The Day My Child Ate A DIFFERENT Sandwich

Any autism parent will know about the food battles. The monotony of the same food EVERY. SINGLE. DAY. Yep, you all know it. The problems it causes when eating out because there is nothing your child will eat and you cannot face the confrontation and succumb to the sensory needs of your child rather than attempting to introduce something new.
06/11/2017 17:37 GMT

Language - It Makes All The Difference To Somebody

The problem we have these days (if it's right to call it a problem), is that most people have a particular gripe with a certain word or phrase when it relates to something or someone they feel strongly about.
01/11/2017 13:32 GMT

The Long Dark Tunnel

I read so many stories about families begging for help yet here was me shoving the middle finger up to it all. And despite me shutting the door and giving the middle finger, it kept on knocking until I finally had no choice but to stop hiding behind the sofa.
27/09/2017 13:05 BST

Welcome To Holland? What About Benidorm?

At the last-minute the stupid holiday company dropped a bollock. They booked me on a flight to Benidorm. I was absolutely gutted and was dreading it as I didn't think I would know anyone and I'd saved up my hard-earned cash for the Mexico holiday not Benners. I was slightly pissed off to say the least.
14/09/2017 14:24 BST

Something Kind Of Beautiful

Joseph had his usual early start (05:53 approx) and crawled into bed at the side of me. As it was still dark, he did his usual trick of feeling my face and putting his fingers at the corners of my mouth to check whether I was smiling; I wasn't.
11/09/2017 14:30 BST

I Quit

I'd always promised myself that <em>one day </em>I would complete a half marathon. It's never been the right time, never had enough time and never quite wanted the time until this year. I was sick of making excuses and decided the Great North Run would be the place to do it but I had an added incentive in running for a remarkable charity for a fantastic baby boy and his family.
29/08/2017 13:40 BST

Children At The Playground

You were all quite boisterous, as nine year old boys generally are. Laughing and chatting amongst one another, yet my son didn't join in. The ride was fast and the chatting was faster. He didn't quite fit in, but you were all oblivious.
20/08/2017 21:11 BST

The Autism Community: A Community Of Strength

When my son was first diagnosed with autism, I enrolled on workshops which would give me valuable insight into a condition I knew very little about but I rejected the support from the autism parenting community.
14/08/2017 11:02 BST

Not All Parents Are Cursing The Summer Holidays

Usually, by the end of the summer term, Joseph has had enough and so have I. Between September and July, I juggle the school drop offs and pick ups around work and his other social commitments and it's usually taken it's toll on me.
02/08/2017 16:35 BST

Perfect Parenting

<img alt="everybody banner" src="" width="300" height="35" /> Parenting. A funny old game isn't it? Well actually, there is a reasonable amount of time where it isn't actually funny, it's just bloody hard. It doesn't matter whether you are parenting an only child, a whole brood of them, one (or two) with a disability or a step-parent; it brings its challenges.
07/07/2017 15:12 BST

Five Things I Would Advise Myself Post Autism Diagnosis

Whether your child has special needs or not, you do not parent exactly the same as a friend would. As all people with autism are different, parents are too and because one strategy or style works for one parent, doesn't mean it has to for you. Don't feel afraid to be different yourself.
23/06/2017 16:04 BST

I Gotta Feeling

My parents may have had that ambition for me as I know they tried me with it when I was only three years old, yet the report card said "pleasant little babe but wants to do her own thing". This may not come as any surprise to some and maybe explains some of Joseph's own behaviour which is not apportioned to his autism. Just a genetic inheritance of strong-willed genes.
19/06/2017 16:56 BST

Slangry: You're So Tired, You're Angry

There would have been a time where I felt I couldn't expose Joseph to everyone else and I'm ashamed to say, embarrassed about the little things that make Joseph, Joseph. I realised last night, I am no longer that person and I was proud to shout out, that the diva on the dancefloor belonged to me.
05/06/2017 15:22 BST

When Tina Met Sally (And Talked BAPs)

I wobbled up the ramp, silently praying I wouldn't fall over and humiliate myself and let Sally give me a little hug. To be fair, she did ask me whether I was a hugger, but I didn't think then was the right time to say "No, get the fuck off me".
25/05/2017 15:17 BST

Would You Like A Cup Of Tea With Your Cancer?

We've all read the articles about skin cancer awareness, highlighting the unsightly mole pictures and advising you to see a GP if you have one that changes shape or colour so when I was diagnosed with a MM it didn't follow the usual chain of events.
17/05/2017 17:15 BST

Life From A Different Angle

It's a known fact that most parents love to brag about their kids and since the inception of social media, that task has proved easier to do and reaches a far wider audience than a text or heaven forbid, a face to face conversation.
08/05/2017 13:43 BST