Time to Make Free School Meals Available to All UK Children in Poverty

Matthew Reed | Posted 03.06.2013 | UK Politics
Matthew Reed

Free school meals are an effective way to help move children out of poverty. The Children's Society estimates that, if the government made them available to all children in poverty, 100,000 of these children would be lifted out of poverty straight away.

George Osborne Might Learn From Those 'Vested Interests'

Polly Courtney | Posted 02.06.2013 | UK Politics
Polly Courtney

Mr Osborne is so busy shouting "you're wrong!" at his naysayers, he can't actually hear what they're saying.

Who are the targets and Victims of the Immigration Speeches?

Austin Aneke | Posted 01.06.2013 | UK Politics
Austin Aneke

I hate consistently voting inconsistent Labour; I am disappointed by the Liberal democrats, and I am clearly not thinking what the Conservatives are thinking. The UKIP may eventually be the winner after all.

Engagement Photography: What's the Point?

Laura Babb | Posted 01.06.2013 | UK Lifestyle
Laura Babb

There are loads of reasons why having an engagement photo shoot is an excellent idea but the main one is FEAR or the removal of it. Many people are apprehensive about having their photograph taken by a professional photographer for one reason and one reason alone: fear of the unknown. They don't know what to expect.

'I've Always Felt Becoming PM Was Possible'

The Huffington Post UK | Posted 01.04.2013 | UK Politics

Ed Miliband has said it is "possible" he could become prime minister despite people being sceptical of his chances. In an interview with Labour Lis...

Bieber Fans and the Taliban

Gareth Milner | Posted 31.05.2013 | UK Entertainment
Gareth Milner

Bieber's fan base can easily be compared to a religious extremist group. They seem to want to take over the world and convert anyone in their path. The worst bit about them is not the sheer disgraceful manner that many (but admittedly not all) behave in when someone disagrees with them.

Danny the Champion of the World? Boyle Sends Audiences Into a Trance

Greg Wetherall | Posted 26.05.2013 | UK Entertainment
Greg Wetherall

Returning to his day job, Boyle re-enters the film arena with Trance, a London-based psychological thriller that rushes around with about as much calm and patience as an ADHD sufferer. He has said that he was finishing this project whilst he was working on the Olympic opening ceremony, and that this should be viewed as its 'dark, evil cousin'.

Syria: No End in Sight

Robin Lustig | Posted 28.05.2013 | UK
Robin Lustig

If you think Syria is a ghastly mess now, just wait till the rebels finally topple Bashar al-Assad. If I wanted to be vulgar (hell, why not?), I'd say: "You ain't seen nothing yet."

Abu Qatada, Why he Perhaps Shouldn't Be Deported, and Why Torture Is Wrong

Gareth Milner | Posted 28.05.2013 | UK Politics
Gareth Milner

I don't particularly like Mr Qatada, but if I condone either torture against him, or the use of evidence against him which was gained through torture, then I would be a complete hypocrite if I ever complained about torture against a UK citizen.

Whirlwind Daydream: Q&A with YOUTH LAGOON

J.L. Sirisuk | Posted 27.05.2013 | UK Entertainment
J.L. Sirisuk

There exists a place where sounds build to magical effect, forming imaginative landscapes of psychedelic pop. Orchestrating such a colourful convergence of sound is Boise, Idaho based Youth Lagoon (moniker of Trevor Powers) whose previous album The Year of Hibernation, impressed with minimalist charm.

Spring Semester Shenanigans: A Mid-Semester Study Abroad Update

George Gabriel | Posted 26.05.2013 | UK Universities & Education
George Gabriel

Having seen the remainder of February fly by and with March nearly in the books, it's remarkable to think that only a small portion of the academic year remains here at Washington College.

The Neurology of Bubbles: The Case of Cyprus

Professor Ian Robertson | Posted 25.05.2013 | UK
Professor Ian Robertson

The new patient was a famous artist and the hospital staff who knew about art were half in awe of him, half dismayed to see his flaccid left arm and h...

Phone Theft: An Unlikely Liberator?

Nick Reilly | Posted 22.05.2013 | UK Universities & Education
Nick Reilly

Three weeks ago, I was the victim of a crime. Thankfully there was no violence or any physical attacks upon my person, nor was there anything that was generally symptomatic of the broken Britain that doom-mongering tabloids peddle on a daily basis.

A Letter of Complaint to Our Spring Season!

Bwoywonder | Posted 23.05.2013 | UK Comedy

Dear Spring, I want a refund! Not only have you failed to supply the correct type of weather standard to your time of month, but you somehow gave me that of last season! Snow!

Margaret Thatcher and the Falklands War: A Lesson in Leadership

Luke Coffey | Posted 24.05.2013 | UK Politics
Luke Coffey

These papers offer a valuable lesson for any student of leadership. Perhaps the biggest lesson one can learn is that making the right decision is not necessarily the same as making the most popular decision. Leadership is not a popularity contest. Leadership is about selflessly acting in the best interests of those that you lead.

State vs. Parent: The Crowding Out of Choice

Robin Koerner | Posted 22.05.2013 | UK
Robin Koerner

When welfarism fails most spectacularly, it is usually because it attempts to treat a perceived social or economic problem without understanding -- le...

Baidu Comes to Britain - New Online Marketing Opportunities in China for UK & Ireland

Sri Sharma | Posted 21.05.2013 | UK Tech
Sri Sharma

Baidu lands in the UK at this week's Internet Retailing Expo 2013. London-based specialist search agency Net Media Planet, are launching a brand new...

A Life in London

Gareth Johnson | Posted 20.05.2013 | UK Lifestyle
Gareth Johnson

March 2013 marks my tenth year of living in London. That's one quarter of my life - longer than I lived in Melbourne where I went to college and worked for a while, but not quite as long as the farm in rural Victoria where I grew up.

How Much Longer Should Sudan's People Suffer?

Olivia Warham | Posted 19.05.2013 | UK
Olivia Warham

Given the dearth of media attention given to Darfur these days, observers could be forgiven for thinking the bombing, looting and raping is over. Yet, the aerial bombardment continues, as does the systematic rape of girls and women, and the destruction of villages seen by the regime as non-Arab.

Weather Warnings As More Snow Hits UK

PA | Posted 18.05.2013 | UK

Another dumping of snow has covered the north of the UK overnight as persistently cold weather keeps an unusual grip on March. Up to 10cm was predi...

Pros and Cons of Business Franchises

Mac Attram | Posted 18.05.2013 | UK
Mac Attram

You see the ads in the paper all the time. "Start your Own Business. Buying into this business will make you rich." And then you roll your eyes with cynicism, and turn the page over. Sure, some business franchises are glorified MLM schemes designed to make the people at the top rich, but buying a business franchise is not a bad thing. In fact, it could make you very wealthy.

Weltschmerz: Why Global Governance Is the Key to the World's Happiness

John Bunzl | Posted 18.05.2013 | UK
John Bunzl

If releasing our fellow human beings from their suffering can only be achieved by releasing ourselves from ours, it becomes clear that we need to add another layer to our "institutions of happiness".

Denise Van Outen To Present Radio Show

PA | Posted 17.05.2013 | UK Entertainment

Former Strictly Come Dancing contestant Denise Van Outen will be tapping her toes to a different tune as she hosts her own radio show. The former B...

David Bowie Back At Number One With Comeback Album

PA | Posted 17.05.2013 | UK Entertainment

David Bowie has scored his first number one album in 20 years with a record that is also the fastest selling of the year so far. The 66-year-old's ...

No More Broken Hearts in Syria

David Bull | Posted 15.05.2013 | UK
David Bull

Like Their Royal Highnesses, I was also in Jordan this week spending time with Syria's exhausted and traumatised refugees. What struck me most about my latest visit was how much worse the situation has become since I was last there in October.