"I’m not spending thousands of dollars on vacation when I can get bullied by my wife and kids in the comfort of my own home."
Even if they’re well-meaning, these remarks can make some people feel judged, shamed and self-conscious.


He previously revealed that he and Ruth Jones haven't actually finished work on the much-anticipated Christmas special yet.
The Oscar winner has admitted the backlash to her Star Wars trilogy was not easy to deal with in the early years of her career.
Past winners and nominees have previously backed the move towards gender inclusivity.


The Reform UK leader has previously spoken of his "admiration" for the Russian leader.
As voting day approaches, are British authorities doing enough to prevent "hostile actors" and AI disinformation?
Coming from two authoritarian leaders, that's quite the promise.
The Russian president's peace proposal was written off almost immediately by most in the West.


Labour, the Lib Dems and Reform UK all raised more cash in the second week of the campaign.
HuffPost UK joined the prime minister for a few hours as he tries to grab any Conservative votes he can.
The prime minister repeatedly dodged questions on how deep the scandal goes.
Karoline Leavitt claimed the former president is bringing one thing to the campaign trail.
Chris Skidmore accused Rishi Sunak of "siding with climate deniers".
The prime minister said he would not side with a "foreign court" over the UK's national security.
They could also have their driving licenses removed under the tough sanctions policy.
It's the latest controversy to hit the party since Rishi Sunak named the date last month.
The Fox News poll found 50% of surveyed voters would cast their ballots for Biden while 48% would do so for Trump in a two-way race.

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