Llama DNA could play a crucial part in HIV therapy.
I watched his advice with two containers of this in my bathroom cabinet.


"I never even in a million years could have envisioned anyone playing the character like that..."
The new clip for Joker: Folie À Deux teases romance, destruction – and musical numbers.
The Deadpool star has said the Queen of Pop's suggestion was "spot on".
Last month, it was reported the legendary singer had big plans for her return to live performing, after being diagnosed with stiff-person syndrome.


Putin previously said he would prefer Biden to be in the White House over Trump.
It comes after the Republican presidential nominee vowed to end Russia's war in Ukraine if elected.


The Conservative idea of housing asylum seekers on the boat will be scrapped from January.
The former president's insult was quickly turned into a reminder of his own recent past.
"Embrace her, she’s the best," the president said. "I know yesterday’s news is surprising, and it’s hard for you to hear, but it was the right thing to do.”
The presidential candidate said she's familiar with taking down "predators who abused women."
The Republican presidential nominee gave thousands of dollars to the likely Democratic presidential nominee when she ran for California attorney general.
Keir Starmer also poured cold water on the failed policy, saying the UK would "not ever" leave the ECHR.

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