Find that you can never comfortably pass a bowel movement? This could be why.
"sorry i can't hang out i have to sit here and slow blink at this cat who hates me"
Yes, there's a high likelihood that your parents and grandparents are still having sex.


Sally Hawkins has handed over the reins to another actor for the third movie.
As ever, you can count on the 1975 singer's mother Denise Welch to spill the tea.
A third instalment in the much-loved film series is coming later this year – and it's Paddington's most ambitious adventure yet.


From comments about Joe Biden to discussing Russia's imperial flag, this press conference was eventful to say the least.
It comes after the Russian president has made repeated threats against the West.
Protesters carried signs which read: "Please bring Papa home."


This is our first general election since Covid hit the UK – so it's still worth talking about.
Channel 4 News' Gary Gibbon even asked if such a comparison was a "term of abuse" now.
Defence secretary warns against giving Keir Starmer "unchecked power" as polls suggest the Tories are heading for a heavy defeat.
The PM previously claimed the economy is going "gangbusters".
Donald Trump Jr. shared his dad’s campaign statement, which called the trial “a distraction from the real crimes of the Biden Crime Family.”
The Brexit cheerleader is targeted for the second time after being hit by a milkshake last week.
The prime minister insisted he went without things so his parents could send him to private school.
A major new survey shows the true extent of people's unhappiness with the state of the country.

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