11/10/2013 08:26 BST | Updated 10/12/2013 05:12 GMT

Can a New Generation of Daters and Some New Tech Finally Give Online Dating Some Street Cred?

What Stigma!

Social networking has allowed us to reach out across time and space and create multiple hybrids of personal and public communication at a speed, scale and complexity that were not previously possible. Today's technologies that allow us to connect and share our interests have drastically reconfigured the world of online dating, and long gone are the days of being confined to the relics of chunky desktop computers with a dodgy Internet connection.

Today, our technological devices are connecting hearts, breaking them and creating an abundance of ways for us to meet new people and experience love online. The transition that we're witnessing is attracting a new and younger generation of online daters who no longer see the stigma attached to meeting someone online nor do they find it embarrassing or undignified, instead, they're embracing the evolution of technology and social media. The popularity of online dating has blossomed through the convenience of our hand-held devices that are seamlessly integrated into our everyday lives - whether commuting from work or waiting for a coffee; at the click of a button we can hook up on the go, share our likes, our dislikes and inform the world of our activities.

Today's young generation don't have time to fill out endless online profile jargon or pay for rolling subscriptions with a stale and grotty service that's full of stale and grotty daters! Instead, the young professionals of today want a slick service that effortlessly combines their daily social networking activity with other aspects of their lives, including dating.

Love is in the Air!

We recently caught up with Vicki, a young professional who had never contemplated making the leap into online dating until she was given the nudge one night by a suggested dating app. Her initial thoughts were "It was free, I was single, so I thought 'why not?'"

Admittedly, Vicki was slightly apprehensive of online dating because of the reputation that other websites have been tarnished with - "When I think of websites like eHarmony and, I think of those as being dating sites that divorced parents would use!" After giving some apps a whirl and chatting to a few guys (some appealing and some not so appealing), Vicki eventually met Nick. "It was just a few messages here and there to begin with, but then as the messages went on I got to know his humour, his likes, and his dislikes."

Now enjoying their fourth month together, Vicki and Nick are championing the revolution of online dating and are even convincing their friends that it ain't so bad after all! "It just gives you that stepping stone to meeting a like-minded person who you may never have crossed paths with! I used to think online dating was the lazy way, but after moving to London and using dating apps, my opinion has changed. It opens a lot of doors for us busy people but you still have to put the effort in to make it work, which I like. It means the people you connect with are putting in effort too."

As the dating landscape moves away from a vanilla sea of copy-cat desktop services and into a Neapolitan wave full of new and exciting apps, each offering a unique experience across all age-groups; it looks like those who once thought online dating was inconceivable are now talking Tinder with their mates, showing their OK cupid's, and flashing their TrueView wherever they are partying. This is online dating for the social media generation and they ain't ashamed of it!