James David Fox

Writer, occasional poet and escapist

I'm James, I write, poetise and eat lots of gnocchi.

After growing up in Devon, I studied economics at University of Plymouth with an interest in behavioral aspects and personal choice. Since moving to London I have found impetus to write creatively and non-academically, fiddling with form and opinion led pieces.

My personal interests and phases include literature, theatre, gender, LGBT experience, interiors (my real job is in furniture), laughing lots and growing my hair.
Why We Must Ensure The Modern Man is Not London

Why We Must Ensure The Modern Man is Not London Centric

Those of us based in London or other major cities are living among the youngest, most affluent populations in the country. Life amongst urbanites has its perks: forward thinking, inventiveness, acceptance, open-mindedness to an evolving moral backdrop - a partisan view, I know.
11/12/2015 16:44 GMT