Welfare Myth Five - The UK Is Rich

Dr Simon Duffy | Posted 01.12.2016 | UK Politics
Dr Simon Duffy

When I get the chance I try and show how many of the things we believe to be true about the welfare state are actually myths. It's been a while since ...

Why Do People Get Naked?

Barbara Brownie | Posted 28.11.2016 | UK
Barbara Brownie

The naked body has a very different meaning in this context than it does elsewhere. One of the reasons for the effectiveness of naked protest is the fact that its meaning can change so drastically depending on the motives for undressing.

The Never-Ending Flood Debate

Louis Sherman | Posted 25.11.2016 | UK Universities & Education
Louis Sherman

We therefore need to look at a far more holistic approach where flood management, climate change, communities and development are looked at as one and inter-linking. This simple development could start to create real change in flood-effected societies and how government prepares areas to flooding.

The Slow Extinction Of Bats From The United Kingdom

Julian Vigo | Posted 24.11.2016 | UK
Julian Vigo

Give a Bat a Home is the latest environmental campaign run by the Canal & River Trust (CRT) which  highlights the endangerment of bat species around ...

Setting A New Ambition For Sustainable Cocoa Farming - From Buyer To Accountable Partner

Glenn Caton | Posted 24.11.2016 | UK
Glenn Caton

Without cocoa there is no chocolate. Without the next generation of cocoa farmers there is no cocoa. Sustainable cocoa farming is essential to the su...

This Is The Unhealthiest Place To Live In The UK

The Huffington Post | Natasha Hinde | Posted 22.11.2016 | UK Lifestyle

Dudley has been named as the unhealthiest place to live in the UK. The town has just three gyms and 10 McDonald’s restaurants per 100,000 people. ...

One Dress

Lucy Tammam | Posted 22.11.2016 | UK Style
Lucy Tammam

How much power does one dress have? Image credit Justin Lambert The dress - a symbol of woman - oppression, femininity, frivolity.   In reality...

Five Things That You Can Do To Increase Social Mobility For Boys In The UK

Jenny Garrett | Posted 22.11.2016 | UK
Jenny Garrett

According to the State of the Nation 2015: Social Mobility and Child Poverty in Great Britain report in 2015, there is a growing social divide by inco...

Why We Must Teach Prisoners To Be Digitally Savvy

Sally Garratt | Posted 18.11.2016 | UK Tech
Sally Garratt

As the needs of employers grow, it becomes even more vital to improve those skills. However, much of the infrastructure is not up to date to support the digital agenda - this is something that needs debating at the highest level.

Confessions Of A Yoga Mama

Harriet McCafferty | Posted 17.11.2016 | UK Parents
Harriet McCafferty

The more you practise, the deeper you go, you begin to break patterns in life that no longer serve you, you find a deeper peace in life as you take your practise out of the hot room and all the alignment you find in the yoga, you bring to your daily life.

The Mental Health Wellness Checklist

Eleanor Segall | Posted 15.11.2016 | UK Lifestyle
Eleanor Segall

Here is what I would recommend for keeping positive mental health and all round wellness. Everyone has their own tips that help them and I am just sharing what I know to have helped me and others I interact with.

UK-India Trade Trip: You Want Our Business But Not Our People?

Barry Gardiner | Posted 14.11.2016 | UK Politics
Barry Gardiner

The words of the Indian journalist should haunt Theresa May: "You want our business but you do not want our people". The EU is clearly not the only place where this UK perspective is going down rather badly.

My Unpolitical Political View

Stephen Bailey | Posted 14.11.2016 | UK Comedy
Stephen Bailey

With everything happening in the world at the moment, I think it is really important that we are kinder to each other, that we take the time to try and understand each other. I've got a feeling we could have a tricky few years ahead.

Democracy Has To Be Democracy

Yasmin Braddell | Posted 11.11.2016 | UK Universities & Education
Yasmin Braddell

The consequences of that could be more catastrophic than anything we have ever known, read or heard. A world without choice and freedom of speech is more terrifying than a world with a voice to whom we, in our millions, are wary.

How Do European Women Differ From Asian, Middle Eastern And South American With Their Beauty Goals?

Miss Jonquille Chantrey | Posted 09.11.2016 | UK Style
Miss Jonquille Chantrey

Certain countries have been found to share beauty ideals and this may aid our communication when consulting these patients. The UK, France, Canada and Australia tend to believe in ageing positively, not necessarily denying ageing but doing it in a polished way.

What's Happened To Sanity In 2016?

Brittany Dawson | Posted 09.11.2016 | UK Politics
Brittany Dawson

UK, USA - what the fuck is wrong with you? Have you got your heads wedged so far up your iPhone's charging-hole that you can't see the ridiculous decisions you're making?

Unfortunately Brexit Still Means Brexit

Mark Hillary | Posted 07.11.2016 | UK Politics
Mark Hillary

Like 48% of the British people who voted in the referendum on European Union (EU) membership last June, I wanted the UK to remain in the EU. However, 52% of those who voted wanted to leave. I respect the democracy that exists in our nation and so I was prepared to watch as the UK left the European project.

Doctors With Mental Illness - Time For A Change

Nima Ghadiri | Posted 07.11.2016 | UK Lifestyle
Nima Ghadiri

This stigma can arise as early as medical school, fostered by a triad of competitiveness, fear and uncertainty. Students sometimes receive conflicting information about mental health, and may fear disclosing illness.

Manchester - One Of The Worst Places To Be A Girl In The UK... Or Is It?

Frankie Leach | Posted 03.11.2016 | UK Politics
Frankie Leach

Plan International UK has recently released a report finding that Manchester, among with Blackpool and Middlesbrough, is one of the worst places in the UK to be a girl.

A Thriving Midlands Is Key To A Thriving UK, We Cannot Rely On One City

Maria Machancoses | Posted 03.11.2016 | UK Politics
Maria Machancoses

It is a fact that the world's successful economies do not lean on one single superpowered capital, but a network of strong, well-connected regions. As the UK prepares for Brexit, having strength in our regions is more important than ever. Our economy cannot prop itself up on an overcrowded, overpriced capital. Building strongholds in regions to attract international and national businesses are a must, and with its position at the heart of the UK, the Midlands will be crucial to economic success.

The World Health Organisation And The 'Right' To Reproduce

Julian Vigo | Posted 31.10.2016 | UK
Julian Vigo

After the Ched Evans verdict two weeks ago, Katie Hopkins ranted against the "feminist online lynch mob" calling them "a court full of bitter women so...

Gays Don't Need Enemies With 'Friends' Like These

Andrew Legon | Posted 28.10.2016 | UK Lifestyle
Andrew Legon

Despite the struggle that our community has gone through for acceptance and the hell many of us go through to finally accept ourselves, there are far too many people in this community perfectly content to deny that acceptance to others.

Let's Get Serious About Engagement

Rose O'Neill | Posted 27.10.2016 | UK
Rose O'Neill

I'm passionate about engagement. However it is a term frequently banded about in the environment sector, and, if it's not done well, it's the environm...

Why Middle Income Countries Still Need Aid

Sarah Nancollas | Posted 26.10.2016 | UK
Sarah Nancollas

One of the questions I'm asked quite a lot as Chief Executive of international NGO, Lepra, is why we provide support to India. The inference behind th...

Make Truly Revolting Edible Fruit Scabs For Halloween

Sarah Whiting | Posted 24.10.2016 | UK Parents
Sarah Whiting

Making fruit leathers at home is really easy, they make a fabulous healthy snack and kids love them. We used both a simple apple puree, and an apple and plum puree (which we lightly blitzed).