If You Have A Loved One With Dementia, Love Them The Same Way You Always Have

I have had the privilege of being an ambassador for Alzheimer's Society for a number of years now. My grandmother, Nans, lived with Alzheimer's for half the time that I knew her... Here is my plea. This World Alzheimer's Day - and beyond it - let's do everything in our power to make sure people don't have to face dementia alone. Let's speak up and speak out about dementia so awareness and understanding across society is improved. Let's come together and unite against dementia. If you have a loved one with dementia, spend time with them. Love them, the same way you always have.

Probation Companies Handed Cash Windfall Despite Reoffending Rise

Prisons Population
PA Wire/PA Images

Staff Take Home Less Than Minimum Wage After Paying Bus ‘Benefit’

May And BoJo Touch Down In Display Of Unity

Politics May
PA Wire/PA Images

Corbyn Urged By Activists To Back EU Migration After Brexit

Politics Brexit
PA Wire/PA Images

Teenager Becomes Sixth Person Arrested Over Parsons Green Terror Attack

Transport Explosion
PA Wire/PA Images

Trump Makes Most Awkward Speech Yet, Offends Entire African Continent

Diplomacy Horizontal

British Public Rinses Columnist's Call For A 'Brexit Hit Squad'

Politics Brexit
PA Wire/PA Images

Union Backs Corbyn Ally In Scotland As Rival Mired In Living Wage Row

Athena Image
Jeff J Mitchell via Getty Images

Desperate Rescue To Save Girl Buried Alive By Mexico Quake

Mexico Earthquake

Is Boris Johnson Next? 7 Times Cabinet Minsters Resigned In A Huff

Lgbt Politics Stonewall
PA Wire/PA Images

Corbyn Urged To Appeal To Voters' 'English Patriotism'

Athena Image
PA Archive/PA Images

Theresa May Delivers Big United Nations Speech To Pretty Empty Room

Athena Image
Lucas Jackson / Reuters

Lords Claim £1.3m In Expenses Despite Not Having Spoken

Wparota Politics Speech
PA Wire/PA Images

Mark Sampson Sacked As England Women’s Head Coach

Athena Image
PA Wire/PA Images

Benefit Reform 'Undermining' Fight Against Homelessness

Politics Homeless Politics Homelessness
PA Wire/PA Images

Britain First Leader And Deputy Charged With Religious Harassment

Courts Golding
PA Archive/PA Images

Government 'Must Do More To Tackle Sexual Harassment Of Girls'

Mid Length Half
PA Archive/PA Images

Russell Brand Says He Helped Fuel Jeremy Corbyn's Surge

Athena Image

Manslaughter Charge Over Date That Ended In Speedboat Tragedy

Charlotte Brown

Food And Booze In 'Spoons Is A Lot Cheaper Tonight

Business Finance Transportation
Oli Scarff via Getty Images

Nigel Farage Ridiculed Over Delivering Complaint Letter To BBC

Athena Image
Vincent Kessler / Reuters

Grayling Slammed For HS2 Staff To 'Wasting' £5m On Train Fares

Politics Grayling
PA Wire/PA Images

Trump Claims His UN Speech Was 'Great'. Here's What People Think

Athena Image
Kevin Lamarque / Reuters

Siege Underway In Stockport After Armed Man Refuses To Leave House

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Sue Radford From 'Britain's Biggest Family' Has Given Birth To Her 20th Child


Do You Know The Difference Between Dementia And Alzheimer's Disease?

Dementia Mental Health 80 Plus Years Real People Candid Mental Illness Active Seniors Senior Women Looking Through Window Retirement Alzheimers
Willowpix via Getty Images

'Corrie' Actor Chris Harper Highlights Need For 'One-To-One' Support For Grooming Victims

Award Awards Red Carpet Arrives Arrivals Arrive Tv Television Empicsentnewspaper Idsok Mid Length Midlength Midlength Half
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Victoria Derbyshire On How Her Breast Cancer Video Diary Gave Her 'A Sense Of Purpose'

Bafta Baftas Pressroom Empicsentnewspaper Idsok Headshot Head Shot Portrait
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When It Comes To Eco Living, It's Time To Copy The Scandis

Stig Ottesen

‘Strictly Come Dancing’ Bumps Former Judge Len Goodman’s New Show From The BBC Schedule

Len Goodman

This Is Why A 'Staggering' Number Of Women In Britain Are Seeking Abortion Pills Illegally

Beautiful 19401980 Retrostyled Imagery Retro Styled Computer Fashion Pastel Colored Artist Portrait After Work Young Women Women Females Comfortable
lechatnoir via Getty Images

Target Of Two Hours To Remove Extremist Content Slammed As 'Unreasonable' By Experts

Athena Image
Brendan McDermid / Reuters

Like The Idea Of The Hug Button? Here Are 6 Other Tools You Could Try

Piece Grunge Object Path Trash Mark
chanida_p2 via Getty Images

Air Pollution And Children: What Parents Need To Know

Air Gas
Artsiom via Getty Images

Plus-Size Blogger Perfectly Shuts Down Man Who Used Her Photo In Body-Shaming Meme

Leyton Mokgerepi
Leyton Mokgerepi

The Return Of Bake Off’s History Segment Didn’t Go Down Well With Everyone

Great British Bake Off
Channel 4

Mum Sparks Debate After Saying She Doesn't Want To Buy Toys For Kids At Christmas

Mouth Open Wrapped Sitting On Floor African Descent Preschool Age Unrecognizable Person Young Family Photography Holiday Portrait Boys Men Males
kali9 via Getty Images

Here's Where You Can Get Tickets For The 'Love Actually' Tour With A Live Orchestra

Love Actually
Peter Mountain / Universal Studios