26 May 2016
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Reclaim the Internet - Fighting for Freedom of Speech

Reclaim the Internet is not about being the internet police, it is not about making loads of new laws to stifle what is a magnificent, progressive, usually jolly, environment. It is the start of a conversation with the public about what we can do so that all of our voices can be heard. It is a listening project to find out what we can do to limit the kind of behaviour which offline is totally unacceptable. We're trying to make sure that freedom of speech for all the amazing girls and women is not drowned out by faceless avatars. I want spunky women shouting up and facing honest to goodness debate and challenge. Not men with spunky names bullying women in to silence.

Leaked Plan To 'Draw Out' Junior Doctors Strike To Damage Hunt

Tory Hunt
Stefan Rousseau/PA Archive

Boris Johnson Says EU Immigration Figures Show Cameron's 'Failure'

Politics Eu Poll
John Stillwell/PA Wire

Donald Trump's Top Adviser: 'This Is Not A Hard Race'

Athena Image
Kevin Lamarque/Reuters

Trainee Teachers Will Now Be Taught How To Support Kids With Autism

Athena Image
Catherine Ledner via Getty Images

We’ve Got Some Good News About The Bank Holiday Weather!

Animal Animal Hair Backgrounds Beach Beauty Beauty
pxhidalgo via Getty Images

There Will Be Another Syria, Experts Warn - And It's All Down To Climate Change

Athena Image
Alaa Faqir / Reuters

Pro-Brexit MP Attacks 'Racist' Boris Johnson And Vote Leave Campaign

Politics Eu
Ben Birchall/PA Wire

Thousands Sign Petition To Force Student Loan Changes Debate


Brexit Would Put Pensions At Risk, David Cameron Warns Older Voters

Jack Taylor/PA Wire

HOLD THE DEBATE! Bryan Adams Wades In On Brexit

Athena Image
Mike Ridewood / Reuters

Sun Demotes Well-Known Historian To 'Tom Hiddleston's Mystery Blonde'

Athena Image
Markus Schreiber/AP

Disaster For Brexit Campaign As Anti-EU Gig Acts Jump Ship

Athena Image
Lauren Hurley/PA Wire

Woman Walks 600 Miles To Deliver Peace Messages For Syrian Refugees

Glen Matthews Iguacu
Glen Matthews, iguacu

Mum Gives Birth To 'Heaviest Baby Girl Ever Born'

Caters News Agency

Farage Thinks Poster To Get Black And Asian People Voting Is 'Sectarian'

Operation Black Vote
Operation Black Vote

This Is How The NHS May Have Helped Prevent A Spike In Cancer Deaths

Health Nhs
Peter Byrne/PA Wire

British Submarine Sank In WWII Found Off Italian Coast With 71 Bodies Inside

Huty 21331 Black And White Image Hms Oberon Oberonclass Past Pix Transport
Past Pix via Getty Images

Reaction To Maths GCSE Proves Great British Tradition Lives On


19 Awful 'Migrant Capsize' Facebook Comments - And Why They're Wrong


Bizarre Theory Claims The EgyptAir Flight Was Brought Down By A Meteor

Yuri_Arcurs via Getty Images

Average Age Of Panelist On BBC Young Person's EU Debate: 59

Athena Image

Tube Station Evacuated As Woman Is Trapped Between Train And Platform

Tube Station Sign
Michael Walter/PA Archive

PCS Union Votes To Consider Labour Affiliation

Idsok Politics Political Debate Debating Debates Talks Talking Speech Politician Unions Union Headshot Head Shot Portrait Smiles Smiling Smile Discussion
Isabel Infantes/EMPICS Entertainment

Tory Accuses Osborne Of 'Disgraceful Muzzling' Of Brexit Conservatives


'I Wouldn't Go Into Central London. Boom' Warns Brit IS Widow'


Desperate Migrants Pictured Clinging To Capsized Boat

Handout . / Reuters

Rainbow Flag To Be Flown Above Parliament

Jessica Taylor
Jessica Taylor
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The Latest British Star To Talk Bond

Athena Image
Marc Flores via Getty Images

Crohn's Sufferer Proudly Shows Colostomy Bag In Bikini Photos

Cater News

This 'Modern Art' Experiment Had Everyone Fooled

Glasses Floor Art Museum

So The U.S. Nuclear Computers Still Need Floppy Disks...

Athena Image
Getty Images/Image Source

James Corden Nails Fleur East's Tricky 'Sax' Routine

Fleur East James Corden The Late Late Show

Noted Historian Dr Suzannah Lipscomb Leaves Club With Mystery Brunette

Tom Hiddleston Suzannah Lipscomb
HuffPost UK

Vegan Freakshakes Are Coming To London


Schofe Blames Hungover 'This Morning' Appearance On Holly

Phillip Schofield

Zayn Malik Tries To Make Mismatched Shoes Happen

Athena Image
C Flanigan via Getty Images

'Top Gear' Host Eddie Jordan's Fighting Talk For Jeremy Clarkson

Eddie Jordan
Ben Cawthra/Rex/Shutterstock

Jimmy Kimmel Wrote A Children's Book About Trump And Read It To Him

Donald Trump Jimmy Kimmel Dr Seuss Style Kids Book
Jimmy Kimmel Live!

Simon Cowell's Son Adorably Dances To His Favourite BGT Act


The Heartwarming Reason This Man 'Tattoos' Kids

Benjamin Lloyd
Facebook/Benjamin Lloyd

Jennifer Aniston's Mother Nancy Dow Dies, Aged 79

Jennifer Aniston Nancy Dow
KM Press Group/REX/Shutterstock/Startraks Photo