29 August 2014

I'm Determined That a No Vote Won't Just Mean We Return to the Status Quo

As a northerner I believe we are Better Together. I am bound to say that I suppose, but I really do believe the UK is better together. I think that the bonds and shared history that hold us together rises above the endless facts and figures, many of which are directly contradicted by the other side, we hear being bandied about in the debate. I guess the ferocity of the debate shows one thing, that this vote matters. I think Alex Salmond for his many, many talents, has failed to articulate a coherent case for why Scotland should be independent.


'Rip His Throat Out'

Roger Lord
Sky News

Ukip Candidate Is Violently Angry About Being Elbowed Out By Carswell


'Blood On Your Hands'


Darling Heckled At Glasgow Mosque


Battery On Ashya King's Feeding System Likely To Have Expired

Ashya King

PM Reveals Terror Crackdown As Threat Level Raised To 'Severe'

David Cameron
Danny Lawson/PA Wire

Homeless Sleepers At Marble Arch Got A Rude 4am Awakening This Morning

Homeless Eviction
Lee Thomas

Fresh Rotherham Horror Stories Emerge As Care Home Worker Lifts The Lid

Child Abuse
Mykola Velychko via Getty Images

Cambridge University Officials Were Convinced This Banned Dog Is 'A Very Large Cat'

Selwyn College

Better Together Better Not Read This Latest Ominous Poll..

Alex Salmond
David Cheskin/PA Wire

Video Of Gay Man Confronted By Christian Parents Sparks Homophobic Abuse On YouTube

Parents Youtube

You Could Buy Scottish Independence For A Bargain £1.04

Scottish Vote Ebay

Western Jihadists Are Being Used As 'Cannon Fodder' For ISIS

Anadolu Agency via Getty Images
HuffPost Reports

30 Gold Bullion Bars Have Been Buried On A British Beach...


It's Been A Great Year For Student Feminists: Here's What They Achieved

Leo Garbutt
Leo Garbutt/Facebook

Cameron Attacks Russian Leader As Troops Pour Over Ukrainian Border

Ukraine Tanks
Anadolu Agency via Getty Images

CCTV Captures Moment Man With Mental Age Of 9 Was Stabbed To Death By 'Cowards' (VIDEO)

Dean Mayley Murder
Metropolitan Police

Violent row over reclined seat forces emergency flight diversion

Airplane Seat
Bloomberg via Getty Images

M&S Scores Fail Grade In Ad To Make School Uniforms 'Cool'

School Uniform Advert

Christian Dior Advertises For Six Month 'Reception Intern', Who MUST Have English As First Language

Christian Dior
Bloomberg via Getty Images
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Terrorist Threat Level Raised, Britain Responds With Jokes

Threat Level

The REAL Reason Diana Quit 'Bake Off'

Great British Bake Off

NORDIC NOIR: The Latest, And Greatest, Dane To Hit The Big Screen?

Keeper Of Lost Causes

Now 'Newsnight' Is Investigating The Baked Alaska Scandal... Yes, Really.

Great British Bake Off

Nicola Gets Her Own Back On Husband With Ice Bucket Challenge

Nicola Mclean

'Hollyoaks' Spoiler: Rapist Finn Gets His Comeuppance

Finn Nancy Hollyoaks
Lime Pictures

Guess Whose Invite To Brangelina's Wedding Got Lost In The Post?

Jon Voight Angelina Jolie
Lester Cohen via Getty Images

President Obama 'Shames' An Entire Nation By Wearing A Tan Suit

White House

Beyoncé's Father Claims Lift Fight Was A 'Jedi Mind Game' PR Stunt

Mathew Knowles
Henry S. Dziekan III via Getty Images

Brangelina's Wedding Pics Are Here! (Kinda)

Brad Pitt Angelina Jolie
20th Century Fox

Final Three Names Complete The 'Strictly' 2014 Line-Up

Jennifer Gibney

Joan Rivers Condition 'Improves From Critical To Stable'

Joan Rivers
Evan Agostini/Invision/AP

Peter Hook On Why 'Fraud Order' Simpy Aren't Doing Things Properly

Peter Hook
Scott Campbell via Getty Images

Miley's VMAs Date Turns Himself In To Police

Jesse Helt
Kevin Mazur/MTV1415 via Getty Images

Richard Reveals Cancer Scare

Richard Madeley
Ian West/PA Archive

Steve Bruce At Weddings Is The Best New Twitter Account

Steve Bruce At Weddings

Mercedes Punishes Rosberg For Hamilton Crash

Nico Rosberg Lewis Hamilton
JOHN THYS via Getty Images

Still Not A Fan Of Gaga Then, Madge?

Madonna Lady Gaga
Dimitrios Kambouris via Getty Images