28 August 2016
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Why The Burkini Saga Is A Feminist Issue


We must accept that for decades women have asserted their rights both through stripping off and burning bra's to covering themselves up in clothing. This is about us as women deciding how we choose to dress, writing our own scripts and owning our own narratives And the men need to get with the programme and stop using women as pawns for the sake of their own control and power regardless of whether that be through democracy or dictatorship.

Teenager Dies After Taking Drugs At Leeds Festival

Gv Leeds Leeds Festival Metallica Yorkshire Atmosphere Colourful Colours Concert Crowd Fancy Dress Fest Festival Festival Fashion Festival Goers
Katja Ogrin/EMPICS Entertainment

Two Pilots Arrested At Glasgow Airport Over 'Alcohol Concerns'

N648ua United Airlines Boeing 767322er Stock Image Aeroplane Plane Travel Transport
Steve Parsons/PA Archive

Cara Exposes 'Lady Garden' To Raise Awareness of Gynaecological Cancers

Cara Delevingne
Cara Delevingne

Search For Missing Woman At Camber Sands, Days After Five Deaths

Jack Taylor via Getty Images

Family Of Hero Brit In Queensland Stabbing 'Immensely Proud'

Queensland Stabbing

McDonnell Issues Scathing Attack On Branson And Green's Knighthoods

Politics Labour
Daniel Leal-Olivas/PA Wire

Farage Compares Donald Trump To Ronald Reagan

Athena Image
Carlo Allegri / Reuters

What It's Like To Be A Muslim Woman And Wear A Headscarf Post-Brexit

Muslim Women
HuffPost UK

Ed Balls Reveals Hilariously X-Mas Call From Gordon Brown

Athena Image
Isabel Infantes/EMPICS Entertainment/PA

Horrific Footage Reveals Aftermath Of Bridge Collapse On Busy Motorway


Model Train Company Trolls Corbyn With Its Latest Virgin Release

Jeremy Corbyn Bloomberg
Bloomberg via Getty Images

Football Fan Dies After Collapsing At Premier League Match

Soccer Football
Anthony Devlin/PA Wire

Sexual Harassment At Universities 'Covered Up' By Non-Disclosure Deals

Education Students
Chris Ison/PA Wire

Councils Beg Young People To Stop 'Tombstoning' Craze

Full Length Jump Jumping Beach Sea Water England Mangpb Seaside Sea
Anthony Devlin/PA Archive

Man Gets Brilliantly Shut Down For Call To 'End Multi-Racial Society'


BBC Listeners Baffled As Pete Waterman Debates Rail Nationalisation

Pete Waterman Trains
PA Archive

May Could Trigger Article 50 Without A House Of Commons Vote

Politics Race
Hannah McKay/PA Wire

Jeremy Corbyn Called 'Out Of Touch' For Saying He's Not Wealthy

Politics Labour
Jane Barlow/PA Wire

'British Boy' Kills Prisoner In Gruesome Islamic State Video

Athena Image
Getty Images/iStockphoto

UN Body Blames Politicians' Rhetoric For Post-Brexit Hate Crime Surge

Politics Eu Moments
Philip Toscano/PA Wire

Notting Hill Carnival 2016 Kicks Off Tomorrow

Athena Image
Tim Ireland/AP

14-Year-Old Among Three Brits Killed In Devastating Italy Earthquake

Marcos Burnett 14 Killed In The Italy Earthquake
Foreign Office

Labour Has Found A Security Firm For Its Conference In Liverpool

Athena Image
Jeff J Mitchell via Getty Images

Police Describe Van Involved In Boy's Mysterious 'Abduction'

Operation Bigfoot
Surrey Police

Norwegian Man Dramatically Rescued After Getting Stuck In Public Toilet


Your Notting Hill Carnival Rubbish Could Power London Homes

Polystyrene Litter London
Gideon Mendel via Getty Images
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'X Factor' Launch Ratings Hit 10-Year Low

X Factor

Katie Waissel Finally Speaks Out Over Biggins' Anti-Semitic Joke

Idsok Arriving Arrival Arrives Red Carpet Redcarpet Cbb Mid Length Half
Ian West/PA Wire

See All The Pictures From Saturday At Reading Festival

Showbiz Festival Perthshire
Jane Barlow/PA Wire

Mum Forced To Have 'The Talk' With 9-Year-Old Son After He Overhears Parents Having Sex

Modern Mumma Facebook
Modern Mumma Facebook

Toddler's Passionate Rendition Of Her ABCs Is The Best Thing On The Internet Right Now

Christina Ogea Facebook

ASOS Is Selling Strap-On Dinosaur Tails And The Internet Is Confused

Tell Tales
Tell Tales ASOS

'CBB' Winner Bear Insists He Was 'Picked On' In The House

Idsok Arriving Arrival Arrives Red Carpet Redcarpet Cbb Mid Length Half Lphli
Ian West/PA Wire

'Strictly' Couple Georgia May Foote And Giovanni Pernice Announce Split

Idsok Arrive Arrives Arriving Arrivals Arrival Redcarpet Full Length Lphli
Ian West/PA Wire

Uh-oh! 'Corrie' Confrontation As Nick Confronts Steve About Leanne's Pregnancy

Coronation Treet
ITV Pictures

Tissues At The Ready, 'EastEnders' Fans...

BBC Pictures

Max Whitlock: 'I Had No Idea How My Body Would Cope At Rio'

Athena Image
Alex Livesey via Getty Images

See All The Pictures From Friday At Reading Festival

Chiaki Nozu via Getty Images

Past Housemates Speak Out Over 'Staged ' 'CBB' Scene

Celebrity Big Brother
Channel 5

Asda, Tesco, Sainsbury's B&Q And Morrison's Bank Holiday Opening Times

Athena Image
Diane Collins and Jordan Hollender via Getty Images