25 July 2014

The Political Cost of Economic Mismanagement

The extent to which the UK and most of the rest of the Western world are currently mismanaging our economies clearly has a huge financial cost. In the longer term, however, the political cost will be even greater than the economic price - unless we see radical changes in policy. The failure of the West to deliver a reasonable economic performance - combined with the related problem of widespread inability to get difficult decisions taken - has led an increasingly large number of people across the world to consider whether more authoritarian of running modern diversified economies might work better than those based on liberal democracy.


Wreckage Of Crashed Air Algerie Flight 'Found In Mali'

Air Algerie

ISIS 'Orders Genital Mutilation Of 4 Million Iraqi Women And Girls'


Rival Ukrainian Rebel Leaders Can't Get Their Stories Straight On MH17

Mh17 Rebel
Rob Stothard via Getty Images

Pro-Russian Militias Give Hugely Contradictory Statements On Missiles

Another Botched Execution Has Utterly Horrifying Results

Joseph Wood

Inmate Left 'Gasping And Snorting' For Nearly 2 Hours

Pope's Moving Moment With Sudanese Mother, Who Faced Death

Pope Francis Meriam

Home Office Could Be Raiding Genuine Weddings In Sham Marriage Panic

Wedding Registry Office
Michaela Begsteiger via Getty Images

Ukraine's Prime Minister Resigns, Leaving Parliament In Chaos

SERGEY BOBOK via Getty Images

Police Spies Secretly Held Information On Justice Campaigners

Jean Charles De Menezes
Press Association

Israeli Tanks Shell UN School In Gaza

Gaza July 24
JACK GUEZ via Getty Images

Putin's Ukraine Clash Hits Him In The Wallet

Putin Money

Someone Wanted Opening Ceremony To Have One Drastic Difference

Red Arrows
HuffPost Reports

More Poorer Teenagers Planning To Go To Univeristy


Woman Who 'Stabbed Grandfather With Knife Concealed In Bra' Jailed

Katie Ann Jenkins
South Wales Police

Something I Said? IT Firm Pulls Out Of Job Scheme Days After Osborne Visit

George Osborne Byteback

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We Need To Talk About Israel.. Why Putin Just Might Be Undone.. Gaza Conflict From ISS

Sudanese Mother Sentenced To Death Gives Smile That Says 'Free At Last'

STRINGER via Getty Images

Catholics De-Frock More Than 50 Priests In Sex Abuse Probe

Priest Sex Abuse England
Lewis Whyld/PA Archive

You Don't Want To Know What Happens To Chicken Before It Reaches The Supermarket

Poulty Gross
The Guardian

Tesco Shareholders Don't Want Their CEO To Go Off With £21 Million

Philip Clarke Tesco
SAJJAD HUSSAIN via Getty Images

Andy Coulson May Kick Himself When He Hears What This Phone Hacker Got

Dan Evans Phone Hacking
Sean Dempsey/PA Wire

Pitch Invasion Sees Pro-Palestinian Protesters Clash With Israeli Football Players

Pro Palestinian Protesters Invade Pitch

Haunting Images From Inside The Costa Concordia Two Years On

Costa Concordia

Heartbroken Parents Of Three Children Killed In MH17 Crash Tell Of 'Hell Beyond Hell'

Mo Evie And Otis Maslin

Why Putin Just Might Be F*cked

Putin Worried
STRINGER via Getty Images

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Chibok Under Siege.. Crucial Iraq Deal.. N. Koreans Robots.. Kabul Suicide Attack.. Deadly Typhoon

This iPhone Is Actually A STUN GUN


Tory MP Sorry For 'Inappropriate Action' After Police Caution For Assaulting Ex


Energy Giants To Pay Millions More For Leaving You In The Dark

Christmas Uk Power Cuts
Matthew Lloyd via Getty Images

You Need To Know How This Bank Governor Could Ruin Your Day

Mark Carney
Lefteris Pitarakis/WPA-Rota
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TV REVIEW: The Honourable Woman Becoming A Classic

" alt="" src="/images/trans.gif" />

Lampard Unveiled As New York City FC Player

Frank Lampard New York
New York City/YouTube

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Stimpson Wins First Gold At Games.. Barrowman Delivers Rebuke To Anti-LGBT Countries

The Too-Hot-For-TV 'Fifty Shades Of Grey' Trailer Is Here!

50 Shades Of Grey Trailer

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Katie Hits Out After Peaches Inquest.. 'Crocodile Dundee' Star Wins Huge Payout

'Black Jesus' Leaves Religious Right Unable To Turn Other Cheek

Black Jesus
Adult Swim

What's Glee's Ultimate Show-Stopping Moment?


'Benefits Street' Sequel Labelled Racist By Residents

Derby Road Southampton
Google Maps

Greg Addresses 'Strictly' Rumours

Greg James
Anthony Harvey via Getty Images

'If You Want Someone To 'Blame', Then Start With Her Mother'

Piers Morgan Peaches Geldof
Ian West/Stefan Rousseau/PA Wire

Jose Admits He Just Can't Stop Having A Go At The Ref

Mourinho Referee

Watch Liverpool's Steven Gerrard Tries Hand At Baseball

Steven Gerrard
Steven Gerrard/Instagram

The Queen Photobombs Australian Athletes' Selfie (PICTURE)

Queen Photobomb Australia Commonwealth Games

Massa Still Blames 'Aggressive' Magnussen For Crash

Massa Magnussen

Whoops! Python Is Caught With His Mouth Full...

Python Swallows Antelope
Barcroft Media

Watch SuBo Fluff Her Lines At The Commonwealth Games Opening Ceremony

Susan Boyle
Chris Jackson via Getty Images

She had A Sex Toy In Her For HOW LONG?

Sex Toy Stuck In Vagina
The Journal of Sexual Medicine

This Will Make Your Eyes Water

16 Brilliant Things Spotted In Glasgow (PICTURES)

Funny Glasgow Traffic Cone Statue

This Man Went To The Doctor For Stomach Cramps, Found Out He's A Woman With Period Pains

Man Stomach Cramps
Jan-Otto via Getty Images

Here Comes The Bride!

Cheryl Cole
Tony Clark / Splash News

Nicola Calls Time On Six Year Romance

Nicola Roberts
Doug Peters/Doug Peters

'Crocodile Dundee' Star Wins Huge Divorce Payout

Crocodile Dundee

Jennifer Saunders Reveals 'Ab Fab' Movie Cast Plans

Absolutely Fabulous

Adele's Son Awarded Five-Figure Payout

Ian West/PA Wire

Student Quits University To Work As Possibly The Worst Harry Styles Lookalike Ever


'My Face Is Practically The Same'

Watch This Video And See If You Can Beat The Psychic Magician

Psychic Card Trick

How Much Vitamin C Is In Your Fruit?

Adam Gault via Getty Images

'Pig Girl' Shows Her Bullies After Becoming A Confident Beauty Queen

Beauty Queen

Cyclist's Last Words Caught On Camera Before 'Miracle' Crash


Tooth Fairy Declared Bankrupt...

Ashik Gavai
STRDEL via Getty Images

Teenager Has 232 Teeth Removed In ‘World Record' Surgery

Why Using Paracetamol To Ease Your Back Pain Is All Wrong

Sitade via Getty Images

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