Don't Deport Me, I'm British

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When people like me who have arrived in the UK as unaccompanied asylum-seeking children turn seventeen and a half, the Home Office starts the process of removing us back to our countries of birth. The system requires us to prove why we should be allowed to stay and why we should not be sent back. The Home Office thought it safe for me to go back to Afghanistan, so under the system I was automatically detained and placed behind bars ready to be removed from the country.

Woman Who Used Prosthetic Penis To Dupe Friend Into Sex Convicted Of Sexual Assault

Gayle Newland

Rupert Murdoch's Sky Bid To Be Investigated Over Monopoly Fears

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Neil P. Mockford via Getty Images

5 Heroes Hit By The Tory Public Sector Pay Cap


‘Shocking’ Study Lays Bare Reality For Those Forced To Use Foodbanks

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Leon Neal via Getty Images

Tories Branded 'Despicable' After Cheering Public Sector Pay Cap Vote

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Stefan Wermuth / Reuters

Vatican Rocked By Historical Sex Charges Against No3 Cardinal

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Franco Origlia via Getty Images

Grenfell Survivors Banned From Council Meeting Over Fear Of Violence

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9 Reasons Why 'Controversial' Grenfell Probe Judge Selection Isn't 'Alarming'

Sir Martin Moorebick
Twitter/British High Commission in Brunei

Jon Snow Slaps Down Guest Live On Air After 'Tory Hate' Jibe

Channel 4 News
Channel 4 News

A Driverless Van Could Soon Be Delivering Your Weekly Shop

Driverless Robots Uk Innovation

Adele Calls Out Grenfell Tower 'Neglect' During Wembley Show

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Cop Who Baton-Charged Terrorists Describes Moment He Was Stabbed


Millionaire SamCam Laments Being Unable To Afford Designer Clothes

Samantha Cameron

Tories Flip-Flop On Public Sector Pay Cap As Labour Loses Key Vote

Politics Pmqs May
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Teens Rushed To Hospital After Scuba Lesson Poisoning

Holiday Mask Training 20s Female 30s Male Caucasian
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2 In 5 People 'Uncomfortable Dating Someone On HIV Treatment'

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How Huge, Growing Regional Inequalities Fuelled Brexit

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Tory Public Sector Pay Cap Could End, No.10 Hints

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Carl Court via Getty Images

Paddington Hailed As Symbol Of Compassion After Creator Dies

Death Bond
PA Wire/PA Images

Pressure Builds On Government Not To Turn Its Back On Child Refugees

Protest Refugees
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Grenfell Fire Death Toll 'May Not Be Known This Year'

Accidents And Disasters London
Carl Court via Getty Images

Why One Lesbian Couple Could Why Gay Marriage Is Legalised In Germany

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Hannibal Hanschke / Reuters

Jeremy Corbyn Says Grenfell Tower Deaths Result Of Tory 'Austerity'

Politics Pmqs Corbyn
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LGBT Activist Hopes Tory-DUP Deal Could Improve Gay Rights

Huffpost Uk
HuffPost UK

These Are The Six People Charged Over The Hillsborough Disaster

Andrew Yates / Reuters
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Christian Louboutin Extends 'Nude' Range To Include Two New Styles In Seven Skin Tones


Graphic Images Show Woman's Horrendous Burns After Running 69 Miles In Sun

Julie Nisbet

Blogger's Side-By-Side Photos Show Just How Easy It Is To Fake Body Transformation Pics

Milly Smith
selfloveclubb / Instagram

Good News, There Is No Known Limit To How Long Humans Can Live For

Adolescence Home Ownership Senior Women Young Women Women Females Boys Senior Men Males Visit Domestic Life Retirement Senior Adult Young Adult
laflor via Getty Images

Was Rihanna's Rumoured New Beau The Source Of Her Beef With Naomi Campbell?

Getty/Bertrand Rindoff Petroff/WireImage/Marc Piasecki

This Hanger Can Actually Remove The Smell Of Cigarettes From Your Clothes

Innovation Gadget

Hurricane Sue *Finally* Gets A Chance To Sweep Through The 'Big Brother' House

Big Brother
Channel 5

Ben Hardy's Film Career Is Going From Strength To Strength

Empicsentnewspaper Idsok Arrives Arrivals Arriving Mid Length Ha
Doug Peters/EMPICS Entertainment

Dad Used A Nappy To Help Him Eat His Lunch And We're Not Quite Sure About It


We Have Three Years To Act On Climate Change Or 'It's Too Late'

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Dirk Meister via Getty Images

Taking The Pill Could Raise Breast Cancer Risk More Than Thought

Hormone Magenta Baby Human Fertility Pink Color Healthcare And Medicine Pregnant Medicine Contraceptive
Toeps via Getty Images

Cristiano Ronaldo Confirms Baby News For The First Time In Facebook Statement


Sharon Osbourne Temporarily Replaced After Being Forced To Pull Out Of 'X Factor' Auditions

Idsok Arrives Arriving Arrival Arrive Attends Atte
PA Wire/PA Images