8 February 2016

The Next Generation Shouldn't Have to Cope on Their Own - It's Time for Ministers to Act

Left untreated, the consequences of poor mental health among children and young people can be devastating for a school community, and long-lasting. Some three quarters of adult mental health problems are present before the age of 18. Today, at the start of children's mental health week, we have a real opportunity to raise awareness of this growing issue and apply pressure on the government to take meaningful action to tackle it.

Tories Accuse PM Of 'Scaremongering' On Brexit Migrant Claim

David Cameron
Jonathan Brady/PA Wire

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Corbyn And Thornberry Braced For Trident Showdown.. 'I Am The Spiritual Son Of Tony Benn'

Millions Promised For Mental Health Remains Unspent

Mental Health
Shutterstock / altanaka

Five Ways To Help Build Mental Resilience In Children

Sad Child
Blend Images - JGI/Jamie Grill via Getty Images

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Wonderful Moment They Popped The Question.. Playground-Inspired Fitness Class

The 'Heartbreaking' Reality For 3 Million Primary Pupils

Handout via Getty Images

Galloway: 'I Am The Spiritual Son Of Tony Benn'

George Galloway
Nigel Roddis via Getty Images

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Hunt Calls Junior Doctors' Union 'Irresponsible'.. 'Ninja' Warning Over Sugar Tax.. Waugh Zone

23 Migrants Drown As They Try To Reach Greek Island

Athena Image

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ISIS In Libya.. Battle For Aleppo.. World's Largest Refugee Camp.. 'Brexit' Breakup?.. North Korea

The Juniors Doctors Aren't Striking For Themselves

Cost Medicine
crazydiva via Getty Images

Chris Lowry Blogs On HuffPost

New Evidence On Teenage Soldier's Death Could Re-Open 20-Year Mystery

Private Cheryl James

Doctors Call Hunt's Bluff Over Weekend Working

Junior Doctors
Dominic Lipinski/PA Wire

Met Police Consider Employing Eagles As Weapons In The Skies

Eagle Drone

Commuter Cleared Of 'Impossible' Sex Assault On Famous Actress


Junior Doctor Says The Sole Thing Making Her Want To Quit Is Hunt

Junior Docs

London Bus Explosion Stunt Leaves 7/7 Families Reeling

Steve Parsons/PA Wire

Apple Are Clamping Down On Cheap Repairs By Bricking Your Phone

Apple Touch Id
George Frey via Getty Images

Everyone Remain Calm, Twitter ISN'T Becoming Facebook 2.0

Bloomberg via Getty Images

Two More Britons Linked To Islamic State Gang Known As 'The Beatles'

Isis Flag

This Is Why We Haven't Met Aliens Yet

Intelligent Alien Life

Will Young Hits Out At Nicky Morgan Over LGBT Kids' Mental Health

Will Young Student Pride
Student Pride

Hunt Calling Junior Doctors' Union 'Irresponsible' Made Them VERY Angry

Jeremy Hunt
Stefan Rousseau/PA Wire

Scott Kelly Had Arguably The Best View Of The Super Bowl 50

Super Bowl
Twitter/Scott Kelly

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BBC To Do Something Amazing For Tim Peake During The Six Nations.. The Death Of Twitter

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You're About To Lose A Good Chunk Of Your Life To This Videogame

The Division

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'Corrie' Spoiler! Will Michelle Cheat On Steve?

Coronation Street Spoiler
ITV Pictures

These Huge Waves Show The Sheer Force Of Mother Nature

Storm Imogen
Joe Giddens/PA Wire

Chef Creates 'Gourmet Meal' For Critics From McDonald's Ingredients

Food Mcdonalds

Instagrammer Photoshops Meryl Streep Into Food For Some Reason

Tasteofstreep Instagram Taste Of Meryl Streep

Mum Uses Maternity Leave To Travel The World With 10-Week-Old Baby


'Idiot' Driver Shows How Not To React When Clamped

Idiot Uk
Idiot UK Drivers Exposed

A Mobility Scooter Just Went 107mph

Guinness World Records Mobility Scooter
Guinness World Records

Elton And James Raid The Fancy Dress Box For Carpool Karaoke

Elton John James Corden

Emma Thompson Makes Funny, Moving Tribute To Alan Rickman

Emma Thompson

Incredible Footage Of Leopard Attack In Bangalore School


Mum's Rant About Food Shaming Divides Opinion Among Parents


This Is Why You Should NEVER Use Sparklers As Birthday Candles

Sparklers As Birthday Cake Candles

'CBB' Stephanie And Jeremy In Blazing Post-Show Row

Stephanie Davis Jeremy Mcconnell
Karwai Tang via Getty Images

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