24 April 2014

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Shopping Is Our Search For Love

When we get something we want badly, the wanting diminishes, which is great news until the next want comes along. This puts us into a constant state of want, need, lust, greed and most of the seven deadly sins... The other problem is because we never really feel like we get what we want because there's always someone who has more, we live in a constant state of wanting. This need for success is embedded in our culture. If we don't reach these self- imposed goals, we may experience a sense of worthlessness. In my opinion this is why so many people over-shop.

'Britain Is NOT A Christian Country,' Says Welby

Justin Welby
Gareth Fuller/PA Wire

PM Accused Of Breaking Ministerial Code By Freezing Gun Price

David Cameron Downing Street
Jeff Moore/Jeff Moore

Children's Corpses Reveal Horrifying Last Moments Onboard S Korean Ferry

South Korea

Bedroom Tax Ruling 'Could Give Hope To Thousands'

Jayson Jacqueline Carmichael
Tarleton Photography

Obama Bows To Japanese Robot, Us Right Wingers Furious


Another Malaysia Airlines Plane Faces Technical Difficulties

Malaysia Airlines Plane
Bloomberg via Getty Images

Labour 'Threatens To Take Away Overdraft From Co-Op'

Coop Bank
Peter Macdiarmid via Getty Images

FBI Seeks Paedophile Teacher's Victims In London

William Vahey
Press Association

IDS Warns Independent Scotland: Your Benefits Bill Will Soar

Iain Duncan Smith Scotland
Jeff J Mitchell via Getty Images

Is It Time For That Alpaca Wig Now, Wills?

Prince Charles Prince William

British In Buddha Tattoo Row Says Authorities 'Haven't Shown Much Compassion'

Naomi Coleman Buddha Tattoo Sri Lanka Deported

10 Powerful Images Of Mourners Honouring Victims Of Ferry Disaster

South Korea

British Women Targeted By Anti-Jihad Campaign


Cornish Officially Recognised As Minority

Cornish Flag
PA Archive

'That Jew Died For You': Is This The Most Tasteless Video Ever?

Jews For Jesus

Mother Of Children Found Dead At Home 'Struggled To Cope'

New Malden Dead Children

Asylum Seeker Accommodation 'Unacceptably Poor'


Why Are Rates Of Violent Crime Decreasing?


WATCH: Czech Pensioner Unharmed After Being Hit By Train..

Czech Man Hit By Train Flying Shoe

..Though His Shoe Dramatically Flies Off

Tories Maintain They're Still Green Despite Wind Farms Move

Wind Farm
Gareth Fuller/PA Archive

Law Students To Be Trusted With Counselling Divorcing Couples

Young Lawyer
Sam Edwards via Getty Images

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Nick Clegg Guesses Olly Murs Lyric, Gets It Quite Wrong


22-Year-Old Proves You're Never To Young To Be An Entrepreneur

Brian Wong
Bloomberg via Getty Images

13 Out Of This World Steampunk Star Wars Hybrids (PICTURES)

Han Solo

Men With Large Penises More Likely To Be Cheated On

Man Underwear
Peter Dazeley via Getty Images

Madonna Upsets Gay Fans


22 Cornish Words We Should All Start Using

Cornwall Cornish Words

LOOK: Liverpool Reveal Anfield Expansion Plans (PICTURES)

Anfield Expansion

Massive Asteroid To Hit Earth 'Next Week' Claims Evangelist

Armageddon Asteroid
Tobias Roetsch/Stocktrek Images via Getty Images

This Bug Endlessly Spinning This Marshmallow Is A Metaphor For Life


Jodie Marries Her Girlfriend

Jodie Foster Alexandra Hedison
Stefanie Keenan via Getty Images

Are These Women 'Too Ugly To Be Actresses'?

Meryl Streep

Moyes Don't Cry: It's Moyes At The Movies (PICTURES)

David Moyes Movies

TV REVIEW: Derek Returns For More Bittersweet Antics


'Pray That I Fail All You Want'

Ricky Gervais

WATCH: 8 Crazy Louis Van Gaal Moments (VIDEO)

Louis Van Gaal

World Record Base Jump Of Burj Khalifa

Dubai Base Jump
Caters News

Seven Reasons Why You Should Start Eating Vietnamese Food

Vietnamese Salad
Julian Ward via Getty Images

Foods To Help You Get A Good Night's Sleep

Woman Asleep Table
Michelle McMahon via Getty Images