Massive Silver Orbs Break Free To Terrorize Streets Of London

They look like giant Christmas ornaments, but they're something else entirely.

Two giant orbs broke free and bounced through the streets of London this week, according to videos posted on social media. 

The Telegraph reported that the footage was captured early Monday amid warnings of strong winds and heavy rain. 

While the silvery balls looked like they were part of an early Christmas display, they were not actually related to the holiday. Instead, they were part of an installation called “Four World Set” by artist Tom Shannon that was commissioned by electronic music duo Mount Kimbie:

Mount Kimbie’s Kai Campos wrote on Instagram that he was “heartbroken.” 

“Seeing it completed on Sunday night was one of the most exciting things I’ve been involved with,” he wrote. “I’m absolutely gutted that more people won’t get to see it this week.”