Brian Cox Just Revealed His Favourite Succession Line – And He's Not Wrong

"I just thought, ‘Why didn’t I say that earlier?’"
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Brian Cox in character as Logan Roy

Throughout his time playing Logan Roy in Succession, Brian Cox gifted us countless iconic putdowns and one-liners – but there was one that particularly resonated with the actor himself.

And, as it turns out, it was probably one of your favourite lines from the show, too.

During an interview on Seth Meyers’ US talk show, the host recalled: “’I love you, but you’re not serious people’ – that really sort of summed it all up, didn’t it?”

The Emmy winner then revealed the line in question was his favourite from Succession’s entire four-season run, noting: “Actually, it was my favourite line that I had to say throughout the whole show.

“I loved that line and I just thought, ‘Why didn’t I say that earlier?’ They were damned unserious most of the time.” 

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Brian Cox pictured on Late Night With Seth Meyers
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Logan Roy’s brilliant putdown for his nearest and dearest came towards the end of the show’s fourth run, shortly before the character was killed off.

“I had people saying, ‘Oh no, I’m not going to watch it anymore. You’re gone. I’m not going to watch it’,” the actor added.

“But it’s called Succession. That’s the whole point of the show. They have to have the succession.”


However, Brian previously admitted to feeling “a little bit rejected” that his character was written out of the show before its final episode.

“I looked on it, wrongly, as a form of rejection,” he claimed, after admitting he’d not watched his character’s demise back as “my own death will come soon enough”.

All four seasons of Succession are available to watch on Now.